Monday, May 20, 2013

Parnelli’s Hat on Pole, Mears Milk bottle second and Riveting Bump Day coverage P3...

So that’s your row-1 lineup for the just concluded ‘Boomp Day, which I’d say was almost as riveting as those Dazes ‘O Yesteryears... Y’all know when A.J. Foyt and Tony Stewart conspired to “Rev Up” the aforementioned day by blowin’ ‘Smoke UP our Backsides by potentially entering Stewart into a Foyt racecar to potentially fill the field.

And thus I found it funny that the escapades of this year’s Legends Day honoree Rufus Parnelli Jones Stetson hat he lost 50-years ago garnered more stories than Bump Day in Sunday’s IndyStar wall-to-wall motorsports coverage, which included a story ‘bout Rick ‘the Rocket Mears reclaiming his first milk bottle; YIKES! Can Y’all say S-L-O-W News Day?