Monday, April 15, 2013

F1: Fernando paints Shanghai red

So it was a pretty exciting race, albeit how much of it was manufactured due to tyre management? As Y’all have to wonder what was the real reason behind playing ‘JENSE’s (Button) radio message asking do you want me to race (the Mercedes) or hold station? As in what is our tyre strategy?

And I was a bit disappointed by Leigh Diffey going A-L-L PC on us over the ‘Kimster’s in-car transmission asking “What thee HELL he’s doing?” In regards to his contretemps with Sergio Perez’s McLaren, as Leigh said we’ll leave one word out for you; Huh? Since when did HELL become such a horrific word? Yet it was perfectly ok to air ‘Ol Squarejaw, nee David Coulthard implying Alonso would be doing some ‘Shagging tonight when saying on world television: “There’s your girlfriend below and we know you’ll do some private celebrating tonight...”

Was happy to see the “Incredible Hulk” (Nico Hulkenberg) leading for Sauber, albeit I’m presuming he wore out his Pirelli rubber in the later stages when dropping down to tenth.

While good on you Mate! As Daniel Ricciardo scored his best career F1 finish in P7 for Toro Rosso, which was the polar opposite of his elder countryman, eh? As what more can you say about Mark Webber’s unforgettable weekend? As one headline read from Multi-21 to last on the grid - due to the team not filling up his fuel tank properly during qualifying. Then he tussled with ‘Seester team driver “JEV” (Jean-Eric Vergne) suffering a cut tyre before ultimately retiring when his right rear tyre fell off ontrack; YOUCH!

And as much as I’m not happy over the Master Clinician ‘Seb Vettel’s I was confused antics, yeah that’s the ticket; BARF! He did show why he’s the reigning triple world champion by taking eleven seconds out of Lewis Hamilton at the end of the race en route to coming up a scant 0.2 seconds adrift of overtaking Hamilton for third place, with Raikkonen finishing a fine runner-up with his front nose askew while Alonso simply checked out for the majority of the race en route to his 31st career victory, which ties him for fourth overall with Bloody ‘Nige...

Oh yeah, further back in the pack, once again the two nuveil Frenchies, aka Jules bianchi and Charles Pic continued their early season boxing match with the rookie Bianchi and his lesser Marussia finishing ahead of sophomore driver Pic’s Caterham - as I believe that gives Bianchi a Three-Nil (3-0) score as best finisher of the Tail Enders battle to date...