Monday, April 15, 2013

‘Asta Lavista Sanchez

Al Hobert and the Lowenbrau Porsche 962 were synonymous with winning in IMSA GTP during the 1980’s including victories in the Miami Grand Prix. (Source:
Saturday morning prior to watching the tape of F1 Qualifying I learned of Ralph Sanchez’s death at the relatively young age of 64 via the New York Times, which although I’ve never really been a fan of Homestead Miami Speedway or intrigued by Ovals per sei, I do realize that this track would have never been built without Sanchez’s vision - not to mention motor racing occurring in Miami in general.

And when I think of racing in Miami, my mind conjures up the name Tamiami Park which hosted CART races in the late 1980’s, along with those dreaded IMSA GTP Porsche 962 Panzerwagons blasting down Biscayne Boulevard with some (Jaguar) ‘Cats nipping at their heels in the Miami Grand Prix between 1983-93.

Not to mention ‘’Ol Hollywood, aka Danny Sullivan starring on an episode of Miami Vice circa ’86 which revolved around those same Sports Cars scene - as it pains me knowing I eagerly anticipated watching that episode live some 27-years ago; CRIKEYS!

Whilst I recall being absolutely gutted over Will Power’s first failure to claim the IndyCar crown at Homestead, along with the most nerve racking season finale being the ’09 episode where Dario snookered Ryan Briscoe...

And along with Sanchez’s determination to bring motor racing to Miami, we’ve also got to tip our hat towards the Cuban refugee whom enticed somebody I used to mockingly call “Emmoloe” who’s better known as EMMO, nee Emerson Fittipaldi out of retirement and a Open wheel Racing renaissance culminating with two Indy 500 victories...