Monday, April 22, 2013

Bahrain? G-O Fish!

In case Y’all didn’t get thee Memo, in what is now becoming my yearly tradition, once again I’m Boycotting any television viewership or Scribblin ‘bout I-T here upon Ye ‘BLOB...

Also, due to having gone to a fantastic concert of a never heard  of before singer named Leila Downs Saturday evening, I have also failed to watch ‘N listen to any IndyCar action from Long Beach, while I’m hoping to catch the MOTO GP replay from COTA Tuesday morning. Thus, I’ll be way behind on any riveting insights over this past weekend’s Open Wheel Racing & ‘Scooterz action, although perhaps Queen Danica will finish twelfth again and reap some more monstrous presage, eh? Hya!

Back Shortly...

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