Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tyres, Schmyres, and Two Hundred Grand Prix starts doesn’t get You Squat!

While Fernando Alonso mightily ‘Shanked his race, Y’all certainly cannot say that the Malaysian Grand Prix was boring! As I can only surmise that A-L-L of the Pitlane tyre change shenanigans were related to the unbelievable pressure to beat the three-second mark for pit stops, eh? Although obviously “Louise ‘JAGUAR” Hamilton’s was self inflicted; Oh Yeah, that’s right! I forgot that I’m driving for the other silver team now; Hya!

While Force India had a most torrid day, initially not being able to replace Adrian Sutil’s left rear tyre - being forced to send him out with three slicks and an un-cooperating ‘Intra-tyre! Then later apparently they couldn’t get the car’s left front tyre to cooperate either, having some sort of issue with cross threading its nut? And as a precaution, Paul di Resta was forced to retire due to the worries of having the same malady upon his chassis...

And McLaren wasn’t left out of the tyre follies either, when one of its mechanics hadn’t securely attached ‘JENSE’s right rubber as Button wobbled down the Pitlane before being dragged back into his pit box for repairs before retiring P17, three-laps down; while teammate Sergio Perez had to make a last lap Pitstop for his tyres degrading too quickly - worrying that he’d run out of rubber prior to the chequered flag; Aye Karumba!

And while I’d thought it was double your pleasure for Mark Webber and Fredrico Suave with both joining the illustrious 200 Starts Club, apparently the ‘Aussie is two shy of the mark at present, and thus it was just  Fernando Alonso joining the club in Malaysia.

Thus, what a most typically uncharacteristic move from Alonso, who apparently had visions ‘O grandeur upon his mind in terms of tyre strategy in order to outsmart his Red Bull rival Sebastian Vettel, eh? As Alonso’s 200th Grand Prix start went poof! In a cloud of carbon fibre sparks upon destroying his front wing’s endplate and subsequently retiring on lap-1; thus, it’s probably a good thingy that Ferrari & Fernando popped the bubbly’s corks prior to the race...