Monday, April 29, 2013

Bahrain: Stop the Rhetoric!

As Y’all might imagine, I’m growing increasingly frustrated over the rhetoric of how GURR-REAT! The Bahrain Grand Prix is for the healing and prosperity of the tiny Gulf Island nation. And I’m even further disappointed over how Grizzled ‘Journo Joe Saward seems to have taken the ‘Mickey and drank the spirits of Uncle Bernaughty & Co. in having become Pro-Bahrain Grand Prix by exuding the positives of the monarchy having hired women to its ruling party... Uh, gee Joe, some guy named George Bush hired Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell, and Barrack Obama hired Hilary Rodham Clinton...

Thus if this event is the showcase for how far the Kingdom has  truly progressed in its transparency towards Democracy and Freedom, then how come the ruling party just cancelled Juan E. Mendez’s planned visit AGAIN; TWICE! According to the United Nations’s special rapporteur on torture,
Mr. Mendez has since released a statement contrary to the Bahrain Government’s insistence that he postponed his planned visit in cooperation with them, to which Mr. Mendez points out how the Bahrain rulers conveniently sent him a message cancelling next month’s planned visit in a letter delivered just days after the Grand Prix!

No, No, move along Y’all, there’s NOTHING to see here, we’re just hosting a Grand Prix, the weather’s fine and you really should come and see the racing; WE DON’T TORTURE ANYBODY HERE, HONEST!

Gee Bernie, Jean Todt and A-L-L of the other Pro-Bahrain GP faction, isn’t the timing of this visit originally conceived in Sept, 2011 and subsequently postponed in Feb, 2012 and now again conveniently just days after the most recent Grand Prix ironic? I mean isn’t it ironic; Hmm?