Thursday, December 20, 2012

Vettel becomes Sports yyoungest ever Dreibettzimmer Weldmeister!

Sebastian Vettel - Brazil, 2012 (Source:

‘Whale! What accolades can I pour upon or poond out about Master ‘Zebb this time, as the German Wunderkin Sebastian Vettel has just become the youngest ever three times consecutive Formula 1 world champion in history at the tender age of 25, which to put into comparison is the age at which DER TERMINATOR, nee Michael Schumacher had only won his first of seven titles...

And in the sports history, only nine men have ever become triple world champions, beginning with the likes of El Maestro, nee Juan Manuel Fangio; 1951, 1954-57. Then the sport waited another nine years for its second man to this pantheon - named “Sir Blackjack,” aka Jack Brabham; 1959-60, 1966. The ‘Aussie was then followed by thee ‘Wee Scot, better known as Sir Jackie or JYS, aka Jackie Stewart; 1969, 1971, 1973.

A further eleven years ensued before “The Rat,” nee Niki Lauda secured his third driver’s crown; 1975, 1977; 1984, with a scant three years passing until Brazilian Nelson Piquet followed suit; 1981, 1983, 1987. Next “The Professor” (Alain Prost) added his name to this very elite list; 1985-86, 1989, 1993. Prost was followed by his ex-teammate and arch nemesis Ayrton Senna; 1988, 1990-91 before we’d need to wait a further nine years for Michael Schumacher to enter the fray, before ultimately winning a record seven driver’s titles; 1994-95, 2000-2004; thus you can see that indeed Sebastian Vettel is in very elite company indeed! Whilst Fernando Alonso can only rue what could have been...

                               Alonso           Vettel
Starts:                         197                 101
Wins:                          30 (3)              26 (7)
Podiums:                    86 (15)            46 (13)
Poles:                         22 (2)              36 (9)
Fastest Laps:            19 (0)              15 (8)
Year Started:             2001               2007
Age:                            31                    25
Born:                           7/29/79           7/03/87
Birthplace:           Oviedo, Spain      Heppenheim, Germany

As I only bring the following stats to attention since it still burns me that I have to listen to the SHIT about Alonso being better than Vettel, as notice Alonso’s only got four more wins in nearly 100-more  starts! While just for humour, Jackie Stewart who’s revered as a Formula 1 God - a triple world champion won his three championships in 99-starts; two less than Sebastian. Stewart scored 27-wins, 17-poles & 15 fastest laps in his career vs. Vettel’s 26-wins & 36-poles, the latter being the third MOST in F1 history; behind only some chaps named Schumacher and Senna...

And I know I’ve scribbled this before, but, I’ve been a huge fan ‘O Vettel’s ever since the day thee precocious “12yr-old” teenager, actually 19 took to the track in Friday practice at Istanbul, Turkey and was promptly issued a speeding ticket for his unbridled exuberance exiting Pitlane!

And I wish I could remember where it was this year? (Feel free to send me the answer...) As I was totally flabbergasted over Sebastian’s race craft when the camera eye panned in on him in the cockpit with his eyes closed mentally envisioning the lap. Then with just time for one solitary flyer, (flying lap) Master ‘Zebb simply stuck his Red Bull RB8 chassis on pole! As perhaps all drivers do this? But it simply put me in awe of the German, even making me think of another departed superstar named Ayrton...

Yeah, I know everybody says it’s the car, I mean C’mon, its gotta be the car, right? As unfortunately the season’s so damn long that I cannot remember it all, not to mention having boycotted watching Vettel’s first ‘W of the year in Bahrain. Along with having missed Spa. Yet for Mwah, not only the race of the year, but the drive of the year came at Abu Dhabi - where after Red Bull had unbelievably run the German’s tank dry... ‘Seb started from Pit lane and blitzed his way thru the field not once but twice to wind-up third and most notably making Fernando swallow the canary by thinking where in thee HELL did he come from?

And Vettel proved he could come from the back again, passing traffic in dodgy conditions at Sao Paolo en route to a sixth place finish to capture the title by three points - one place ahead of his childhood hero Michael Schumacher.

And let’s not forget that Vettel shoulda-woulda-coulda - most likely won the European GP in Valencia if the alternator hadn’t failed whilst leading, as I believe Vettel had two alternator problems this year? As the last one I can remember was Mark Webber’s failure at Austin.

Thus arguably Master ‘Zebb could be breaking records another decade at least? If we take his teammate’s age into account, with the ‘Aussie being 36 and Vettel’s only 25, who knows how many more titles he can win, not to mention Grand Prix victories, poles and fastest laps. As I listen to a Bloody Brit behind me on the shuttle bus from the COTA track ‘wingeing on ‘bout how he was already sick of Vettel, something akin to the Schumacher effect; SHEISA! The kid done good! As ironically, I’m looking forward to Mercedes & Lewis Hamilton give him a run for his money, as I’m guessing only Hamilton or Alonso can stop the Vettel Juggernaught...