Tuesday, December 18, 2012

INDYCAR: Let’s leave the Playoffs to the Pros

Seattle Seahawks Supercar - Indianapolis, 2012
Thought it might be high time to weigh in upon the ridiculous notion of having some sort of “Magical; POOF! Instant ratings bump IndyCar playoffs... Are you FREAKIN’ INSANE??? I mean what’s next, canines driving the racing cars? And then all that would be left in the impending ‘RASSCARFICATION would be to add the ‘Rucky Dog; YIKES! Uhm? Perhaps it’d be the doggie who didn’t manage to crash his racecar, right? As I cannot say much more eloquently than Geo Phillips take upon the matter. As I too am one of those traditionalists who doesn’t like change, especially just for the sake of changing things, and hence the Ontrack action is pretty darn good right now and the format for determining the champion seems to be working pretty good too...

Thus with all of this frothing over playoffs, and having spent another dark, grey, rainy day inside and trying to stay away from le ‘Confuzer, I decided to listen to the Seattle Seahawks on the radio who were Up North Eh! In Toronto getting ready to put another can ‘O ‘Whoopass on the Buffalo Bills en route to making some history.

Perhaps Y’all have heard by now? The Seattle Seahawks became the first team in 62-years to have two consecutive 50-point games - only the third time in NFL history, with the feat being directed by upstart third round rookie Quarter Back Russell Wilson; take that Andrew Luck & RG3; Hya!

Yet to put this into perspective, the last two teams to do this; the LA Rams & NY Giants, both in 1950, did so 17-years prior to our Seattle Supersonics becoming an NBA Franchise, a year prior to Hall of Fame Player/Coach Lenny wilkens coming to Seattle; 26-years prior to the Seahawks joining the league and 29-years before the Supersonics became World Champions...

Thus, Messer’s Miles & Belskus, and the laughable Hulman & Co Board of Director Sods, whom I know Y’all, will listen to this 40 ‘Somme-thun blogger... Let’s leave the playoffs to the Stick ‘N Ball crowd and stay on the respective “Sidelines” by letting IndyCar remain what it is, Open Wheel Racing and NOT ‘RASSCAR...

(Photo Courtesy of No Fenders ‘Offical Photographer ‘CARPETS)

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