Monday, December 3, 2012

A Stroll down TV-lane...

Ah, so many stories, so little time... As forgive me if I’ve somehow previously published this? As I know it’s been kicking around my overflowing storybox, but; don’t think I’ve ever actually stop ‘N ‘poonded I-T out, eh?

Thus, after getting quite torqued off trying to find when the final installment of F1 Debrief would actually be aired, since it’s usual Friday evening slot was completely GOOBERED by the F%%KING ‘RASSCAR 4hr Awards Slobberfest; YUK! It initially appeared that it wouldn’t be aired this past weekend - before I finally discovered its Saturday evening time-slot appropriately after the delayed V8 Supercarz show from wherever; URGH!
Cannot find it anywhere upon Zed Internetz; CRIKEYS!

thus a three hour gorging ‘O non ‘RASSCAR viewing was taken by Mwah, as I’ll miss F1 Debrief!

As these memory bubbles came floating back upon the final words of Sam Posey’s farewell “eulogy” at the end of a bittersweet final episode of what had become a staple in my yearly Formula 1 viewing, as I find it funny that SPEED claims to have had the US TV rights to F1 the past 17-years; not that I’m disputing that, just find it a bit funny; as let me explain...

Ok, I know I originally watched Formula 1 first via ESPN with Messer’s Varsha & Hobbs actually calling the races live from around the globe - before they got bumped over to thee “Dueshe,” aka ESPN2 which had a nasty habit of airing them in the middle of the night before I moved northwards - while I also recall that horrifically, ABC had the rights to the Monaco Grand Prix which usually featured Keith “Whoa Nellie!” Jackson and thee ‘Wee Scot, nee Jackie Stewart as its commentators, which ‘Ol Keith was totally out of his element there, when ABC actually decided to air the race, as I tend to remember this not being an yearly occurrence!

Yet Speedvision wasn’t launched until New Year’s Day 1996, according to its WICKEDpedia page - whilst if my math is correct? 2012 minus 17 = 1995, which wouldn’t theoretically be possible, right?

And when I moved into my current abode, I had the great privilege of being subjugated to their horrendous cable company named Castle Cable out of Santa Clarita, CA I believe - which naturally didn’t have either Fox Sports Net or Speedvision available upon it. Yet after hounding them monthly forever, I did manage to obtain Fox Sports Net which I know hosted F1 briefly, as all I can remember is that Derrick Bell  was the colour commentator.

Then I think I suffered a year or more? Of not having access to Speedvision/Speed Channel, as I recall that Roberto would tape me races while I fruitlessly hounded my STUPID cable provider to NO avail, before finally taking heed to Mary Ellen’s words; why don’t you get a satellite dish?

Thus I tend to remember that I finally did so and took the plunge with the DISH Network after much wrangling with my Apt manager over the allowance of having my dish mounted specially upon a boom to point it the correct direction celestially...

As I said, I tend to think I took this step  a mere decade ago, as I’ll never get over the feeling of being tickled pink to be able to receive & watch the CART ‘Qualie sessions live, ironically with Bob Varsha as the lead announcer. As I’ll stick with 2002 as the year of my splendour, since I recall it being Kenny Brack in the then unusual sight of Target red instead of Shell yellow & white, when he’d moved over to the ‘Cheepster’s squad from Meesh’s favourite team owner Bobby Rahal.

Yet I’ve done the satellite thingy; been there - done that, including having my properties tree blossom twice 18mos apiece and block the dishes signal - before my Apt managers magically changed there minds, giving me a 72hr notice to remove my dish/boom which now suddenly was “dangerous” after they’d previously approved I-T! Yet fortunately? I’d already switched over to the evil comca$t service finally installed in our tiny metropolis, or is that metropolis? And even made my manager dispose of the unsightly satellite dish...

Then, apart from my faltering vision, which makes it less ‘N less possible to actually see the cars onscreen, it seems like its been smooth sailing the last six-plus years, and thus FOX’s loss of F1 to NBC seems a little too coincidental with the impending ‘RASSCARFICATION ‘O SPEED, reputedly this coming August?

As I feel like I’ve lost a little piece of myself, knowing I’ve been a loyal terrestrial viewer of Formula 1 via the various SPEED platforms the majority of its 17-year run, of which my only disappointment with their farewell show was not letting thee “House ‘O Windsor” speak - as NO offense to the wee “Willie Buxom;” (Will Buxton) BUTT! You’re NO Peter Windsor dude! Although I suppose Peter cooked his own goose with the farcical failure of his vaunted USF1 team, eh?

Thus, hopefully F1 will be in good hands upon NBC Sports Network & NBC, although I don’t like the impetus of some broadcast scheduling dilemmas with IndyCar interfering with F1; WTF? As hopefully NBC WON’T pull an ABC/ESPN Dizney Shoppin’ Networks FOOPAH and bump IndyCar/Formula 1 onto some unobtainium television channel a la ABC’s pathetic moving of the Indy Car Series over to ESPN News/Deports? Huh? Where in the Frickin’ HELL did it go? Oh Never Mind!

As I’m NOT looking forward to trying to obtain Fuel TV which gee Wally, isn’t currently available in Seattle on comca$t; but fortunately their “own” channel is, and alas I’ll theoretically have NO issues with the switchover next March, since I’ve already got NBCSN.

And although I’d prefer Bob Varsha was making the move along with his cohorts-in-crime... Nevertheless, I’ll definitely enjoy Leigh Diffey as the head “signal caller” - while hopefully Jon Beekhuis will return to Indy Cars next year... As perhaps they’ll get Brian Till to fill in for Diffey as pinch hitter whenever needed?