Thursday, December 27, 2012

Winter Siesta...

Ah, the small joys of modern technology - as hopefully this will be finding Y’all after a ‘Bery Bery Merry Kringle and Happy Holidazes - as your humble No Fenders scribe has  most likely finished thee last ‘O the eggnog, finished off Santa’s plate ‘O cookies in retaliation for once again not getting his rosso Ferrari F40, sigh!

Oh yeah, that marveling over technology? ‘Whale its enabled Mwah to post this last note of Ye year’s Joy whilst already having begun my Holidazes... And thus, to all who’ve frequented No Fenders this year ‘N past: Followers, Friends “N Family & Readers alike; Thank You!

As hopefully Y’all get some small satisfaction out of these nefarious scribblings, eh?

And with that I bid Y’all ado - and in the time honoured tradition of that long forgotten bi-weekly paper rag known as On Track magazine, its time once again for the winter’s slumber, thus I’ll be on winter break the next two weeks per the No Fenders Blog-force Resource Restriction Agreement. And thus will return upon Tuesday, January 8, 2013...

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