Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ex-racer’s never Fade away...

So it’s funny how this story grabbed my attention awhile ago - as whatever happened to the good ‘Ol dazes of Trans Am racing, eh? As its funny how I not only became a ferocious “Fierd” (Ford) Fanatic, but a died in the wool Roush Racing disciple of the Blue Oval brigade... And thus my allegiances became so stout that even other FoMoCo Trans Am teams were the “Bad Guys!” Most notably TGR, ergo Tom Gloy Racing...

Yet surely there was something to this rivalry? As I still vividly recall how the two opposing Blue Oval team’s drivers were split-up even during the autograph sessions at Portland International Raceway; (1994) ‘Whale at least that’s what I’ve always thought when getting two 30th Anniversary Mustang posters autographed by the Gloy Boyz, i.e.; Dorsey Schroder, (who looked disgusted with my getting two posters signed...) John Gooding and Boris Said - as I’d really liked to have gotten thee original ‘TK’s (Tommy Kendall) “John Hancock” too.

And I must confess I’ve really never known much about Messer Gloy other than he’d actually raced as a driver in CART and even contested the Indy 500 in 1984. Whilst further reading reveals that he also was the 1979 Formula Atlantics champion and 1984 Trans Am champion - prior to fielding his own cars.

And I suppose I was simply opposed to his Trans Am team since it was always at the sharp end of the grid, and always being a contender for the illusive Trans Am crown - during the era of my all time favourite TA Mustang body style; those narly, nasty, chiseled looking chassis of the late 1980’s (86-88?) thru 1993 - which I suppose were supposed to mimic the 5.0-liter ‘Stangs, eh?

And its funny, since I recall that Gloy’s BADEST’ Trans Am driver was the ‘KuhNuck Ronnie Fellows before he became a GM boy - or at least that’s what I remember, as I recall feeling that the Factory backed era of Trans Am was every bit as good or better than CART when GM and Ford brawled it out with Dodge interlopers with the Archer brothers, as I recall some of the BAD GUYS being:

Ronnie Fellows - TGR, Chevy Camaro
Jack Baldwin: 1992 Trans Am Champ in Hot Wheels Chevy Camaro.
All of the GM Factory team drivers running for Pratt & Miller including title winners Scott Sharp and Scott Pruett

Thus, with the demise of the REAL Trans Am series, circa 1999 - ‘Ought’s, or whenever Paul “Goofy” Gentilozzi took it over? I lost interest in the series sometime around when the De Tomaso based :QuaVallie” (Qualve Tommy Bahama’s Mangusta appeared - since I never knew that Boris Said won the title in ’02, not to mention Brian Simo in said Mangusta winning the Y2k (2000) crown... Thus losing touch upon what Gloy was up too?

Although I recall standing around and gawking at the Rocketsports Jaguars in the Portland paddock circa ’05; along with knowing that ‘Scooter, nee Scott Pruett had won a fourth TA title in ’03 aboard an XJR, think it was a Budweiser liveried ‘Cat - during the Jaguar “Spec” era - Messer Gloy simply faded away to Mwah.

Thus it was entertaining to read that Gloy had gotten swept up in Hot Rod fever - along with the help of another elder driver named Hurley Haywood and subsequently built his award winning ’32 Ford which just took top show honours in Indianapolis; thus once again demonstrating that you can take a racecar driver out of his seat; BUTT! Old Racers never fade away...