Monday, December 10, 2012

IndyCar Paddock Notes: December 10th edition

Just a very few quick notes, most notably the good news that Star Mazda has been purchased and will continue in 2013...

Star Mazda Championship Purchased
After the shock announcement that after 22yrs Gary Rodriquez was throwing in the towel and Star Mazda wouldn’t be contesting the 2013 season under his leadership comes word that Dan Anderson of Anderson Promotions, the current US F2000 series promoter has purchased Star Mazda and will continue its operation as the Pro Mazda Championship in 2013. Which means I should still be able to attempt stalking the progress of Chris Yano’s rookie season in the Road-to-Indy ladder series...

Texas Fried Sushi?
While I’m guessin Y’all know about Connor Daly’s impending Big Car test with A.J. Foyt shortly, perhaps you’ve also heard the scuttlebutt that ‘Taku-san (Takuma Sato) is rumoured to be the driver most likely to fill ‘Ol ‘Supertex’s empty IndyCar seat for next season. Which if true would make me actually ponder the notion of renting a scanner at Indy next year. I mean C’mon, how many TEX-ARSE Fried Steak jokes are we all gonna come up with, eh? Seriously, Japan meets AJ; Hooah! Why can I see some sorta King Kong jokes here?

Bernard pitchin’ Beef?
Originally spotted this one in ‘Kurty Cavin’s Etc Colum last Thursday; noting that Randy “The CandyMann” Bernard has taken up a job position with a Midwest ‘Agro-biz television channel in Oakie Dokey country.

Bernard has accepted the position of CEO of RFD-TV, an agricultural and country western lifestyle channel, which along with its two ‘Seester networks reaches an estimated 61-million consumers; Hmm? Isn’t that more then what NBC Sports Network reaches? With NO word on whether or not Bernard’s angling for the rights to the 2013 Indy Car Series season ending banquet; Hya!