Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend follies

Whale, why am I constantly reminded of an ‘Ol Bosses mantra to his weekly Friday group hug-athons... What is Friday followed by? (In the Northwest) Tuh-duh... Two days of RAIN! An thus, as its pelting the windows, I thought I’d blather on about the most productive ‘O weekends...

As its now become almost a rallying point ‘O mine, I’m predetermined to not plug in any ‘O my countless Formula 1 VHS tapes and hold out just a little longer for the start of the “live” 2009 racing season, as the F1 season opener is less than a fortnight away.

Thus, I found myself pinin’ around the Telescreen, ensconced with my new 437 buttons comca$t DIG-it-TULL remote... GASP! They’ve even been so bold to emblazon their logo upon it in letters LARGER then the TV channel buttons... And Hmm? I’m wondering’ why it doesn’t have the most helpful “Nub” upon the 5 digit for those of us visually impaired, eh?

Thus while trying’ out this new fangled gadget, how ‘bout a little breakfast ambiance? As I stumbled upon the SPEED airing of Acura Project LMP1, which was all about Acura’s revolutionary new American Le Mans prototype... Which will be re-aired this coming Thursday at 5PM Pacific, preceded at 4PM (PST) by the 2009 ALMS preview show...

And then I had to try ‘N see if I could record something’ on duh VCR and Whoa Nellie! I’ll see if I can shatter my speakers or make the neighbor’s Chihuahua bark excessively with an hour of Mike King trying to lose his vocal chords... As I found it funny how much footage of ‘Lil Al made the cut and I especially enjoyed the part about him saying He F%%KING Got me! As some chap by the name of Jeff Ward beat him at Texas... Not to mention the footage of Alex Barron and Bryan Herta and some dude named “Spike!” (Dan Wheldon) During the Versus Indy Car promo.

Then later that afternoon I had to watch the World Superbikes from Qatar, as these dudes are simply FREAKIN’ amazing... As the announcer prattled off 308, 312, 315 and I’ve even seen a top speed of 322k/ph... Which is 200mph! And that’s on a two wheel Scooter with NO HANS device, roll cage or six point harness... As Ben Spies simply DOMINATED the weekend... Fastest in every practice session; Pole position; Fastest lap and a most unprecedented “Double” (Two heats) victory... Now having snatched the last three wins out of his first four heats... And then I cap the weekend off by watching’ some tape delayed coverage of The Speed Report and Wind Tunnel! Ah, the life of a listless ‘scribe, eh? Now I’d better go ‘N see if I can find something green to wear Tuesday...

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