Monday, March 2, 2009

IRL roars to life

Whale sorta, somewhat sedated... As you’ve probably heard that Tony G. ain’t throwin’ out any free Tenderloin Sandwiches, Err free Support the Indy Car’s slush fund this year, as ‘lil T could be heard all the way down pit lane bellyaching ‘bout NOT getting’ NOSE (IRL) Stimulus package...
But, you’ve gotta wonder just how tough times really are when Mr. George is unwilling to dig into his piggybank in order to fund a second car on his racing team, as I’m now guessing’ that he’s back off of Quattro’s wedding invitee’s list, eh? (Or is he simply keeping the seat open for a limited campaign with PT? Mmm! Fresh... Can you say FREE Subway sandwiches?)

Yet as one media member noted, its been 170 days since Chicagoland and the roar of Honda Indy lumps, as there were indeed several ICS teams on hand to take part in the ’09 season testing kick-off, as much buzz was centered upon NOT Danica... But when Newman Haas lanigan’s three trailer armada would roll out a race car with Milka duno behind the wheel of the No. 23 CITGO/Artic Ice Dallara; although I still think the choice of #00 is much better... As it fits the NHLR RASSCAR Double ought theme, eh? Does this mean that Robert Doornbos will now become Buckshot Bobby?

And I’m going’ out on a limb here... As I’ve heard that “Marky-Mark,” a.k.a. Marco andretti’s new “Associate” sponsor will be Almond Joy: Because sometime’s you feels like a Nut; sometimes uze Don’t! (Rim shot please...)
Back to the on track testing... As this typical Hard Hitting report from the is chock full of information. (NOT!)

Briscoe leads 2nd day of testing
Ryan Briscoe led the way Wednesday night at Homestead-Miami Speedway as the Indy Car Series concluded its first open test of the season.
His lap of 212.156 mph was the fastest of the two-day event at the track that will host the season's final race on Oct. 10. The season begins April 5 on a street course in St. Petersburg, Fla.
There were no accidents either day. Wednesday's top five included Scott Dixon, Marco Andretti, Tony Kanaan and Mario Moraes. (See times on page B7.)

Now there’s only a few issues with this article... first of all it wasn’t available on the day it claims it was posted; not to mention the gauntlet of commercials one has to navigate thru to get the news blurb, including the intrusive advertisement when you first log onto there website... Along with having to plug in your personal data to read the story; and finally, how do we get to page B7 of an online story? Ah! Welcome to the shrinking world of REAL Newspapers! But I digress...

Yet, as the Blogosphere has already dissected the two days of Homestead testing, I thought I’d throw out the following observations:

Graham Rahal & Robert Doornbos have apparently switch Car numbers for the ’09 season? As Rahal was in #02, while Doornbos was piloting the #06, with his swooshy sponsorship “Deckal’s” affixed to the sidepods.

And although Justin Wilson languished near the bottom of the time sheets, I for one am extremely happy just to see that he’ll have a full time ride this season and thus, I’m certain he’ll move up the ladder once the racing season commences. I mean, HELL! If you’re wunderin’ just how hard it is to adapt to a new team, machinery, etc. take a look at the RASSCAR pilot named Stanton Barrett, eh?

DAMN! I sure miss the smell of Methanol in the morning!