Monday, March 9, 2009

Centennial Era Gala held

As previously mentioned, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has been running a series of video clips of various racing highlights from the past as it prepared to kick-off it’s 100yr Centennial (trilogy) Era celebration with a gala ceremony on February 27th. The shin-dig was attended by 19 of the 27 living Indy 500 champions, along with other noted participants including Janet Guthrie, Lyn St James and Sarah Fisher.

Friday night fights:
Rivalries in racing never die, although they might mellow just a bit. That was Bobby Unser's sentiment Feb. 27 at the IMS Centennial Era Gala.
A reporter asked three-time Indianapolis 500 winner Unser whether old rivalries between the Unsers, A.J. Foyt and others might heat up. Unser joked that he was skeptical the Gala would stay peaceful.
"I can't promise you that," he said with a laugh. "There could be some problems. But I noticed Foyt's down in Houston with airplane troubles, so that takes care of half the fights right there. Parnelli (Jones) is here, though, to take care of Foyt."

This comes from a man who made my Baddest Bad Asses list for once lighting a Rolls Royce on fire during a demolition derby... As Bobby’s NO stranger to fisti-cuffs... Just ask the Albuquerque Police!

IMS Centennial Era Gala notes