Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hulio’s big adventure

So its interesting to me how there seemingly is so little mainstream media attention being given to Helio Castroneves Tax Evasion case, as more of America seems to be echoing the sentiments of “Junior Nation” in asking what’s wrong with “Little E?”

And having just watched the Wind Tunnel portion with Robin Miller and then reading an interesting piece on Hulio’s “personal” lawyer Alan Miller, one must wonder just what exactly is going on here, eh? As Robin says that Hulio “Isn’t a Crook” and Tim Tuttle claims that Alan Miller is a stand-up Attorney. (Sounds like an Oxy-moron to me...) Yet, I’m left wondering why Mr. Miller has hired Robert Bennett, who was President Bill Clinton's lawyer in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case; while Hulio has retained Roy Black, who represented radio host Rush Limbaugh in his prescription drug misuse trial, and who’s paying the legal fees...

Also, Mr. Miller’s current clients include Jimmy Johnson, Casey Mears and some Open Wheel Racing diva named Danica Patrick. Hmm? I’m guessing they’re all crossing their “I’s” and dotting their “T’s” at the moment? As it seems a bit odd that this seemingly stems around a 10yr old accusation, as Jeff of My Name is IRL has done a good job writing about in Searching for Helio news, as apparently there seems to be some scorned lovers in the contretemps, eh?

So, I’m just wondering who dropped the dime upon Hulio and is this just another case of the US Government searching for any quick income as they seem to be chasing any potential tax evading citizens during our economic crisis...

Tax trial opens for Hulio