Thursday, March 26, 2009

USF1 Team plus two more in 2010

According to multiple reports, Emperor Bernardo has decreed that there will be a total of 26 cars on the grid for the 2010 Formula 1 season, with the three new teams having all been confirmed. The new entrants include the much ballyhooed USGPE effort along with two other teams, whose identity is currently unknown.

There is also a report claiming that USGPE has picked a location for its office in Charlotte, NC which will become the teams purpose built base for the following three years. This is more information then currently available on the teams website, which just says: “Coming Soon.”

USGPE factory revealed!
The USGPE F1 team is to open a design office in Charlotte shortly. This will be located on WT Harris Boulevard, in Mecklenberg County, to the north-east of the city. The plan is for the facility to serve the team for the next three years, in preparation for a purpose-built factory in the same region.

And lastly, Ecclestone is apparently HELL bent on seeing his dubious medals system implemented, which he claims will be the format for deciding the F1 Drivers World Championship in 2010.

Hey Bernardo... Stick a sock in it, will yuh...