Monday, March 16, 2009

And then there were 10 little...

Chickenzs Liddle? As Y’all knows itz tastes likes chicken... As I was just ponderin’ if 10 Little Indians was Politically Correct anymore? As the Ten; Yup, count-em All 10 Formula 1 Constructors were present and accounted for at the very final Pre-season Formula 1 test held at Barcelona last week, and DAMN! You’ll never guess who took the top honours of this weeks Winter Olympics... As none other then casually late to the dance pardner Brawn GP flexed its musk-cles in dare I say it? To entice potential sponsors to ante up? As rumours have suggested that perhaps either Emirates Airlines or Austrian based online gambling company Bwin, or both may be posting signage on the Brawn “Bee-Gee 01: (BGP001) chassis... Which could arrive in Melbourne sporting a Black ‘N Orange paint scheme? As I don’t believe those colours have been seen since the days ‘O Tom Walkinshaw’s Orange Arrows outfit; while I’m certain some F1 aficionado will correct me upon this?

Barcelona Day 4 Test times
1) R. Barrichello/Brawn GP, 1:18.926, 110 laps
2) N. Rosberg/Williams, 1,:19.774, 120
3) T. Glock/Toyota, 1:20.091, 128
4) S. Vettel/Red Bull, 1:20.576, 83
5) F. Alonso/Renault, 1:20.664, 64

Final winter test at Barcelona