Friday, March 6, 2009

Bernie banishes USF1

Apparently Emperor Bernardo has decided to once again flex his muscles... Having let Peter Winsor & Ken Anderson enjoy their moment in the sun, before Uncle Burrnaughty decided to show the two blokes just who’s really the boss of Formula 1 when he made it public that USF1 was to cease immediately the continued usage of F1 in their team’s name and all other entities, as after all by gummit! F1 is the property of Uncle Bernard and his cozy bedfellah’s CVC... As Bernard could be heard all the way across the Atlantic whimpering Mine! Mine! Mine! While ironically ‘lil T. holds the rights to the USGP name. Thus USF1 has forlornly changed its identity to USGPE, say that fast five times, eh? As in U.S. Grand Prix Engineering; yet, before you go spoutin’ off ‘bout how this is another blow against Peter & Ken, for whatever it’s worth they can take solace in the fact that Emperor Bernardo has also informed Vijay Malia that he’ll need to change his racing team’s script as the uppercase “I” in force India apparently has some (go figure?) connotation with his swooshy F1 logo. Hence, the team’s brand should now read FORCE India. Ah, to think that these are the most pressing matters in the Grand Prix arena... Yuh’s gotta LUV-It, eh?
(Thanks to Ed for bringing this to my attention)