Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Issues for the Blind

On this somewhat symbolic day for me, I thought I’d share just a few of the multitude of thought bubbles bouncing around inside my ever increasing Cranium...

Silent, but Deadly?
These are just two of the countless headlines that have grabbed my attention over the past few months;

Toyota surpasses millionth Prius…
GM projects 85% of all sales hybrids by 2020?

Yet, as I’m becoming increasingly more aware of, blind and visually impaired persons tend to rely on their hearing more likely then their lack of vision... And NO “Heightened Awareness” jokes here, please...

Thus, should Hybrid technology vehicles be required to emit an audible sound? For my part, I’d definitely say YES! But as always, the Auto Manufacturers are most likely squeamish over such ideas and fighting mightily to have any such legislation implemented.

Yet, my favourite solution in regards to this dilemma is the sounds of pounding horses hoof beats being triggered when any pedestrian comes into close contact with the occupants of a hybrid car produced in Italy...

Hybrid car concerns
Digital rules to include the Blind?
As an avid viewer of Motorsports, I constantly fret about the impending switch to all digital broadcasts beginning this February 2009... As I prefer to stay ‘Ol School and utilize my persnickity VCR... As typical, manufacturers tend to NOT take into consideration the needs of the Blind and visually impaired... And thus I’m left pondering how will I manage to record those truly important events such as Formula 1, GP2 and Indy Car races that predominantly come on at all sorts of hours, especially too DAMN early for us Left Coast viewers, i.e.; set the VCR for SPEED’s 3AM GP2 program, etc.

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