Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Not so Bullish

Although this is a bit dated, I had to chuckle to myself over inadvertently stumbling over the news about Red Bull’s NASCAR driver Bryan Vicker’s Toyota Camry being discovered to be underneath the minimum weight limit and therefore ILLEGAL... OOPS!

Apparently, all of the Red Bull poured into the Camry’s roll bar leaked out... Naw, it was even better yet, as Deeter Majestic’s crew tried an ‘Ol Penske Trans Am trick... Yeah, that’s right! Roger Penske used to cheat back in ‘dem Good ‘Ol Dazes, when his Camaro Z-28’s entered in the SCCA Trans Am series for Mark Donohue were reported to be dipped in acid in order to reduce the Camaro’s weight. And the Penske crew even took it to such extremes that cars reportedly had vinyl roof tops added in order to hold the metal in place...

But, alas, the Red Bull crew was nailed in a random racecar test after the Martinsville event and failed the post race inspection, which will now probably cost Vickers his career best season results. But, what makes this even better is the fact that Red Bull dumped AJ Almendinger in favour of Scott “Lavender” Speed for underperforming this season... Hmm? Perhaps Almendinger was running an up to par Red Bull Toy-yoter?

Vickers fined, Hamlin suspended