Monday, October 13, 2008


Having just spent the majority of the weekend in Tacoma and having just finished watching the Japanese GP qualifying session, I hope to watch the Grand Prix race shortly...

And I hope that Kimi Raikkonen wins the race, I hope to see Sebastian Vettel on the podium again, I hope...

Yet, Mary Ellen asked me to post the following comment I made to her about how wouldn’t it be great if not one but two African Americans claimed “P1” in their respective championships, as in the Presidential and Formula 1 arenas, with Barroc Obama becoming the nations very first Black President and Lewis Hamilton becoming the very first Black F1 World Champion!

Especially on the 40th Anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination...

Upon my penning this story, Mary Ellen was quick to point out that Lewis Hamilton is NOT an African American and why are we all so afraid to say the “B-word?”

So, after a little further digging, I discovered that young “Louise” was born in Stevenage, which according to Wikipedia;
“Is a town and district in Hertfordshire, England. It is to the east of junctions 7 and 8 of the A1(M), and is between Letchworth Garden City to the north, and Weldyn Garden City to the south.”

It had a population of 79,400 residents according to 2007 records.

And as we all know? He's half black & half white, like a soon to be certain President of ours... His father is black and originally from Grenada, with his "Mum" being white and British. So what do you BLOODY Brit's call him? (Somebody of mixed race?) Is he simply black or does anybody over there care? As he’s now the sports very first Black F1 World Champion...

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