Monday, October 20, 2008

F1 Theatre

Perhaps you’ve heard the recent scuttlebutt over the return of Formula 1 to the Norte Americana’s in 2010 that’s currently been making the rounds, having heard this from the lips of “The House of Winsor,” (Peter Winsor) no less, which at the moment seems a bit precarious in light of Canada just loosing its place upon the F1 circuses big wheel! But Winsor was quick to catch Mister E. on the grid in Shanghai and press him on the issue of returning to North America...

Yet, the landing of a Grand Prix is a rather nefarious business... Often handled rather messily, involving exorbitant sums of dinero, crass outbursts, deft ears and ultimately catering to the every whim of Emperor Bernardo! (While his soon to be exiled whipping boy Sir Maxxum runs interference) with Emperor Bernardo saying; NO! There are NO new leads on us coming stateside. Yes, I’d like to be there if a sensible offer can be made... (Note to Tony George; you’re going to have to cough up a lot more dinero!)

Thus, let us ponder two iconic F1 markets;

BLOODY Britain has played host to Formula 1 since the inception of the current F1 series, with Silverstone being the very first Grand Prix event held on May 13, 1950.

Yet, during the week of this year’s British Grand Prix at Silverstone, the F1 Paddock was rocked by the bombshell announcement that rival track Donnington Park had been awarded a 10yr exclusive contract to host the British round of the Grand Prix calendar beginning in 2010, regardless of the fact that the circuit is currently in no shape to host an FIA sanctioned event and will require a massive makeover in order to meet the current safety regulations... Along with the venue’s emasculation of current de facto F1 designer Herman Tilke, but since this bombshell was dropped, interestingly, the Chief Operating Officer and two other high placed executives have resigned their posts, although Donnington PR “Spin Doctor’s” predictably claim that “Everything’s Fine! We’re on target,” blah-blah-blah...

But I simply must wonder if this is just another part of Ecclestone’s long standing feud with the BRDC and a huge rouge to finally rule supreme over his British track owner rivals...

Meanwhile, even with the current MANIPULATION of energy resources, along with the impending credit crisis looming overhead... (Nah, its ok, DON’T worry ‘bout paying your bills, we’ll simply write you a blank check!) The USA still continues to be the Auto Manufacturer’s largest market and thus the respective entities currently gracing the F1 circus are keen to see a Grand Prix round return to the calendar.

Rumours claim that Chris Pook was spotted in Monza this past September, with hopes of spearheading a new purpose built racetrack in Palm Springs, CA. Yet, I tend to believe this is just one more cog in Emperor Bernardo’s massive negotiating game he’s playing with Tony George, as it seems quite silly to me that you’d be loathe to race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway! Yikes... Never thought I’d say that!

And I suppose Y’all are aware of the plight of the Canadian Grand Prix, which has been unceremoniously DUMPED from next year’s Grand Prix calendar...

Thus, for a very entertaining expose upon the plight of the Great White shumozzle, see; Canadian Revival?

As there seems to be some discontent between the F1 Team Bosses and their respective Auto manufacturing partners over the loss of access to their LARGEST market, as potentially there will be NO Grand Prix’s held in North America for the first time since 1958!

So, stay tuned to see what the 2010 Formula One calendar ultimately comprises? Or for that matter, what in the HELL the 2009 schedule will ultimately end up as?