Friday, October 24, 2008

Where’d they go?

So, this past Tuesday night, my 89yr old "Auntie Harriet" called me, asking if I knew anything 'bout some racing "thingy" on the LIFE channel. Huh? NOPE! I replied, but I'll snoop around... To which I first discovered I think she meant the Lifetime channel?

But to NO avail, I didn't find any current Indy Car shows besides this week's upcoming Surfers Paradise race on "EL STUPIDIO!" Err, El Classico, Err ESPN Classic.

So, next I started huntin' round my usual sources, i.e.; my unofficial "BLOB Network; commonly referred to as “Knucel draggers,” a.k.a. word butchers. (Yeah, I suppose I should let go of Mr. Olsen’s comments, eh?) Or better known as Bloggers, or even better yet; Blob’s! As Harriet likes to call ‘dem, but alas, I found nothin’... As I seem to vaguely recall that there was supposed to be some “Doc-u-drama” on the life of a Indy Car race team sometime this year and perhaps somebody saw this?

But for now, all I’m aware of is that you can only catch the Surfers Paradise race live on El Classico, it you’re one of the four peoples having that channel! Otherwise, like the majority of us WITHOUT ESPN Classic, you’ll have to wait for the tape delayed rebroadcast on The Deuce (ESPN2) Sunday evening. Unless some sorta Women’s Golf or Poker tourney gets in the way! So, I think I’ll listen to the IMS Radio Network broadcast Saturday evening at 10PM EASTERN TIME instead.

And even though it’s a Comca$t channel... Will I be oh-so happy when we’ve finally DUMPED the Disney Shopping Networks and switched over to versus...