Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hamburgular gets robbed!

Otay, so I managed to finish watching my Japanese GP recording and it’s now safe once again to enter cyberspace... As the Mt Fuji event was a very crazy race, eh?

With the two championship rivals managing to bungle their respective race outing, as Felipe Massa and Lewis Hamilton tangled with one another on the opening lap, along with Lewis giving Kimi Raikkonen the chrome horn treatment...

Yet, later on towards the end of the race, Massa tried a kamikaze move upon the Hamburgular, a.k.a. Sebastian Bourdais, who was exiting the pits and basically rand off the road trying to avoid contact with Massa... Yet, it was Sea Bass who was handed a mysterious 25 second time penalty after the races finish, dropping the Frenchman out of the points, from sixth place to tenth, thus, gifting Felipe another Championship point as the Brazilian inherited seventh place, with Sebastian Vettel moving up to sixth and Mark Webber taking the final point for eighth place...

Bourdais NOT impressed by Massa’s driving

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