Thursday, July 24, 2008

Edmonton Thriller

Although I’m still way behind on my Indy Car racing news, I’m glad to have read that “The Thrill from West Hill,” a.k.a. Paul “Chrome Horn” Tracy will indeed saddle up with the cobbled together Walker Racing Subway Sand-whiches “one-off” race this Saturday in Edmonton, Canada… As surely this was a Vision of Tony George’s to ensure a packed crowd of fellow “Kuh-nucks, eh?” As Paul Tracy will be piloting the #22 Black and hopefully NOT Blue Subway Dallara… Which was previously the third Vision Racing HP sponsored entry driven by Davey Hamilton at Indy… As I hear that Tracy’s personal Subway sandwich favourite is the Meatball Sub!

Meanwhile, I’m pleased to hear that Bob Jenkins will fill-in for Marty Nationwide” Reid who’s on N-Car Lite duty this weekend, while my favourite pit lane reporter Jon Beekhuis will make a cameo performance and is long overdue a return role to full time Indy Car reporting duty… And although I’m told that “Jenks” (Bob Jenkins) and Scott “The Kuh-naid-iun Nerd” Goodyear may be “Sommanex” inducing, hopefully I’ll be able to refrain from the “No Dough’s,” as I believe that my “Jet Rag” is indeed overtaking me, as I’m still wide awake 24 hours later! Just sittin’ hear listening to the “Tweedy Birds” chirpin’ away at Breakfast time…

Meanwhile, the funniest quip I’ve noticed yet over the Princess Danicker vs. Milka-Licious poodle fight was Jeff’s comments about Milka Yip-yip-yiping away in the pit lane… Careful Gwil’s even Chihwowa’s can BITE! And why did my “Sand-whiches” swipe make me think of The Witches of East wick?” As all we need is for Sarah Fisher to join the frame, although I’m not gonna try picking “Whose Who” from our three Indy Car Felines!