Saturday, July 26, 2008

Batteries NOT included

Holy Motorola radios Batman! Come in Batman… Err Princess Danicker, I said move over for TK! I repeat, move over for TK! So, it was pretty funny to hear that AGR did NOT believe Danica towards her radio NOT working, as I’m not sure what the deal was, but I’d guess that drivers filling’s were also taking a beating on the bumpy Canadian temporary road course, eh?

Quote of the week has to go to Paul Tracy when asked about his thoughts on Edmonton’s race track;

“It’s like Cleveland on Steroids!”

Which of course could have been the reason why so many radio connections weren’t working, eh?

And wouldn’t it be nice to see somebody else beside the big three win a few races… As in imagine Newman Haas Lanigan or KV Racing Technology stepping up to the plate to dethrone AGR, Ganassi and Penske… Nah, AIN’T gonna happen anytime soon, but perhaps, just perhaps next year?

And how ‘bout that court jester Paul Tracy, eh? I’d say he made quite the statement with a 4th place finish in only his second race of the year and first in “Juan ‘O ‘dem CRAP Wagons!”

YO Princess! Somebody named Mikey is on line three...