Friday, July 4, 2008

Holy Toe-Chester Batman!

In what seems to have become a yearly tradition… Look for more pomp ‘N circumstance at this year’s British Grand Prix… Which in year’s past has seen the Jaguar team run with Terminator T3 livery, Diamond encrusted racing cars… With supposedly hurkin’ HUGE jewel’s being mysteriously lost in silly Ocean’s 29 movie tie-in’s… While trying to upstage the throng ‘O Star Wars Storm Troopers in the Principality, While now we’ll have to watch out for grappling hooks, jet powered cars and men running about in spandex tights and coloured capes… (Careful! NO Sir Maxxum jokes here, eh?) As Gotham City, nee Silverstone is set to cast that mythical spotlight in the sky crying’ for the legendary Caped Crusaders help… As The Penguin, a.k.a. Emperor Bernardo and his whipping boy Sir Maxxum are on the prowl in BLOODY Towcester…

As AZ Bureau Chief Mary Jane has just forwarded the following story about Batman hookin’ up with Toyota this weekend to (Over-hype) promote the upcoming British release of the newest Batman flick; The Dark Night.

HMM? Do I dare ponder whose Batman and who’s the Boy Wanderer at Toyota?