Monday, July 7, 2008


Whale it certainly was a most exciting weekend race wise… As there was a little of everything; RAIN, Wind, Fireworks, Slithering, Sloppiness, Razor thin Finishes, all we were missin’ was some sleet ‘N snow, eh?

But I found this weekends usage of ze confUZer most confounding… As for some STRANGE, unknown reason Indy Car has switched its radio broadcasts into webcasts… Which meant we got more of Marty Reid, Scott Goodyear and company, as I tuned in early to listen to qualifying and this was most amusing as they had open mikes and we got to hear Marty call Vince Neil “SMART ASS!” As they were bantering ‘bout the temperature, but what I didn’t get was that the entire first live webcast went the entire show WITHOUT a SINGLE commercial break! Which is simply unbelievable in this day and age of OVER-COMMERCIALIZATION which is simply way TOO prevalent in our daily lives.

Then I tried tunin’ in for Danny B’s radio debut, which of course first required me signing up as a member so I can be inundated with SPAM! (Can you say Commercialism?) Of course the first account I tried signing up with didn’t work and I had to repeat the process several times before I was accepted.

Next, after arising early for the show’s 6AM start on the Left Coast, I logged-in a few minutes early and everything was fine, with streaming audio until it was time for The Voice of the Fan to begin… As I tried re-logging in repeatedly, I even went to the ‘Ol standby of re-bootin’ ze confUZer and still couldn’t get the blasted show to work as it took me 25 minutes to finally get The Fan/1070’s CRAPY signal to finally work and stay connected! That way I could hear Danny, Chuck and Leah blather on ‘bout Indiana’s mainstream sports franchises, i.e.; Pacers, Colts, etc.

Then after a WET ‘N WOOLY British Grand Prix, in which Louise “JAGUAR” Hamilton put on an exceptional driving clinique while truly STOMPIN’ everyone’s ARSE in the wet stuff… I decided I’d prefer to listen to the Indy Car race via Le Internets on the IMS Radio Network… RIGHT, Ha-Ha-Ha SUCKER… As I scrolled down to the “LIVE” radio link which said; “Live Watkins Glen Race at 3PM” (ET) I clicked on the link and was greeted by the voice of Scott Dixon welcoming me to the Indy Car countdown before the broadcast defaulted to the Saturday night Richmond Wreck-fest… WHAT THE HELL? So I logged off and back on again and got the same results… After trying this a few times I logged off, rebooted ze confUZer and logged into (Which is a much HARDER page to use then Indy Car, which I thought would be impossible… Aye Karumba!) And the broadcast did the exact same thing… Going to the Richmond race with Mike King and Davey Hamilton, SHEISA! Guess I’m gonna have to watch the ABC Commercial Festiva after all as le Internets NEVER did hook up in sync and stream today’s race,

So after all of that, I decided to stay “OLD School” and watch The Speed Report and Wind Tunnel via luh Memorex instead of tryin’ to tune-in to Speed Freaks via le Internets as I’d already had way TOO many problema’s tryin to tune-in programs this weekend… And DON’T even get me started with my Autosport Radio technical difficulties… And now upon having written this scathing editorial about the life ‘O Tomaso and his electronic Gremlins, whada uze knows? Blogger WON’T upload the stinkin’ images of the mighty Pratt & Whitney “Corncob” engine.

SON ‘O a BITCH! Gotta Run…

Oh Yeah, almost forgot, what in the HELL was the name of that racin’ mobile Ryan “The Dude” Hunter Reay was driving? Somme-thung ‘bout Richola menthol cough drops, Err, Methanol… Oh yeah, I think it was the Eethanol machine?

Hmm? Hoonter Re-aih’s sponsorship pluggin’ made me think of that popular drinking’ game… You know a shot ‘O Jaggermeister every time The Dude says Eethanol, ACK!