Thursday, July 24, 2008


Hallo, meine Mitleser

Why yes indeed… I’m showing off half of my German vocabulary… As Shed a TEAR please for mwah… As I know Y’all will be heartbroken to hear that your humble scribe has just spent the past two weeks frolicking about Der Fatherland… Thus being forced to go to Koln (Colone) and Traben-Trarbach, (ironically during Wine Fest weekend…) Germany and ultimately partaking in this year’s German Grand Prix at der Hockenheimring, Ja Volt!

Therefore I’ll be dealing with the dreaded (Sniff, Sniff, Boo Hoo Hoo, eh?) Jet Rag for the next few dazes, so please be patient as I try to readjust to Seattle time and what in the HELL has been going on in Der Vurld de Motorsporten, Ja-Ja? (Not to be cornfused with Yo-Yo or Ro-Ro!)

Kudos to my most excellent Blogmeister Miguel for keeping the site rollin’ while I was out N ‘boot in Der Fatherland…

Gratzi, Miguel!