Thursday, May 16, 2024

INDY 500: It’s A New Taxicab Record!

Although I wasn’t overly excited setting it!


Every year I tend to find myself taking longer ‘n longer to get excited over what laughably is called the Month of May. Since it’s only nine days total duration, providing Mother Nature doesn’t wish to Rain on it’s Parade…


Yet apparently motor racing and the Indy 500 corses deeply thru my veins. Since this Tuesday, as I sat upon a bench at the library, awaiting my taxi cab to pick me up, many thoughts ran thru my head.


After the Dispatcher had told me that it would be awhile, little did I know I’d be setting A New Taxicab Record today! And Arse-sumably wouldn’t have sat outside for so long! Since although supposedly it was a whopping 59deg-F outside, the winds were Ah-Blowin’ steadily at 18mph and gusting to 30mph, BURR-RRRR!


Sitting in the muted sunshine, I was happy to hear the continuous sounds of songbirds cheerfully chirping away. As I think one was a Junco, with it’s very distinctive sound. Whilst I kept telling the Crow to Shut-up! And I’m not sure what the other few birds were?


Yet the Songbirds soundtrack was continuously interrupted by the nonstop traffic whizzing by. Which stretching my imagination sort of sounded like the voom-voom-voom of IndyCar’s streaking by on some ‘lil ‘Ol Oval at 16th and Georgetown…


Although when a Delivery truck rumbled by, or the occasional PickemUp’ Truck with a really bad radio, Err No Mufflers trundled by, the IndyCar “Audio-track” definitely disappeared! For which I noticed that the Junco quit singing also.


So a half hour’s wait is nothing’ unusual, and then it was 45mins. And I was wishing I’d left my extra long sleeve shirt on this morning, since I was starting to get cold. And then 55mins came ‘n went. Which is when I began musing to myself “It’s A New Track Record!”


As an Hour had passed me by, and I was getting tired of sitting on the wooden bench. And you always know you’ve been waiting a really long time when somebody comes out of the library and asks you if you need Help? And is your ride coming? Which is just one of the “Perks” of being Blind! And depending upon public transportation. Especially when two of it’s remaining Cab drivers have just retired and quit!


Thus I began musing more about it being A New Track, Err Taxicab record as I neared One Hour and ten minutes, before I heard my Cabbie’s voice saying Taxi, Taxi, Taxi out loud. As little did I know that there was a car blocking the entrance…


So I ski-dattled down the sidewalk towards my cheerful Cabbie’s voice All the time thinking was I sitting in the wrong place? Before He explained how somebody was taking Thar sweet time with their vehicle parked at the entrance…


Before saying that’s not right. Waiting an Hour for a two minute taxi ride! But since they’re the only “Game” in town, I didn’t say nothin’, and just smiled the whole time. While thinking Uh actually, it was 70mins since I’d called, but who’s counting!


Thus naturally I was quite amused when tuning into IndyCar Radio at High Noon to hear a very muted Mike King talking, with Jake Queiry saying something about Bruno Junqueira having crashed or something? Hmm, it must be raining at Indianapolis once again on Opening Day!


As why did this make me think of The Who’s great song Rain Over Me? And can it really be over a Half century old? As talk about feeling Old, eh? Speak up Sonny, Who?