Monday, May 6, 2024

The IndyCar Story that Keeps on giving

And Yeah, I know I’m helping keep it alive…


Strange how I’ve already put Team Penske’s P2P transgressions ito thoust proverbial rear view mirror. And not because I think El Capitano’, nee roger Penske, Tim Cindric or Team Penske should be cut any slack!


No, it’s just because it doesn’t present the Open Wheel Racing series I far prefer these days in a very flattering light!


As somehow I missed the news over ‘Ol superTex’, nee Anthony Joseph Foyt saying that Roger’s “Innocent”. Whilst Mikey A’ (Andretti) isn’t so convinced…


Hmm, who does Foyt have a Technical “Wink-Wink, Nudge-Nudge” Alliance with? Just Saying’


But it’s Funny, because I keep waffling back ‘n forth over whether or not The Captain knew anything about this? Since I get the impression that Roger’s removed Himself from the Day-to-Day operations a long time ago? But then again, somebody knew something! Since when ever has Penske been that sloppy?


But it does make you wonder? If Penske, Cindric, Chevrolet and others knew, why would they have “Outed” themselves during Sunday morning practice? Or was the technical glitch in Race Control really not a glitch?


Meanwhile Michael Andretti’s “take” upon the subject on His recent appearance on Keny Wallace’s podcast is pretty forthright over how I’d Arse-sume many of the current IndyCar team owners feel upon the subject.


As Michael wasn’t shy about saying how none of the Penske drivers and Tim Cindric’s “excuses” match-up, and He just wishes that Roger and Team Penske would be more transparent. Which I think we All as loyal fans would also hope for. Since Racer’s Marshall Pruett has been quick to point out how we the Fans, i.e.; paying customers have never received an apology…


And that’s before hearing that GM hired a third party lawyer to clear Chevrolet of any wrongdoing. Which once again is somewhat dubious, since I believe that Roger Penske owns Ilmor? The manufacturers of Chevrolet’s IndyCar race engines, Oh Never Mind!


As why does this whole sordid subject make me think of disgraced Tour de Farce winner Lance Armstong, Eh?


As I certainly feel zero empathy towards Josef Newgarden and His race victory being rightfully taken away from Him! Whilst I like ScottyMac’, aka Scott mcLaughlin, so I’ll give Him a pass. While

Y’all have to wonder how come Will Power new it was illegal to use Push-to-Pass on race starts and re-starts, Eh?


You make the Call!