Monday, May 13, 2024

Ferrari turns Blue Chasing Red Bull

Although totally changing colours did little to Help!


Casual Formula 1 viewers couldn’t be blamed for thinking there was something wrong with their television set’s reception when tuning into this year’s Miami Grand Prix. Like Hold on Vern’, Thars something wacky going on with the colour settings! Try movin’ those Wabbit’ Ears Vern…


As for reasons unknown, la Scuderia’, nee Ferrari’s traditional Rosso corsa racecars were appearing to be two different shades of Blue!


Although we quickly learned that this was ultimately another marketing gimmick, celebrating Scuderia Ferrari’s signing of computer giant HP as their new title sponsor. Even though the team claimed it was in Honour of the 70th Anniversary of Ferrari’s involvement in North America.


Yet I’m cornfuzed why this isn’t being trumpeted as the 75th Anniversary of Ferrari’s presense in North America? Since noted Ferrari Factory agent Luigi Chinetti began importing Ferrari’s to the United States in early 1949. With some Chap named Briggs Cunningham finishing second at Watkins Glen aboard a Ferrari 166MM Spyder in ’49.


Yes, that’s the same Luigi Chinetti who gave Ferrari it’s first 24 Heurs du Mans victory Wayback’ in Gory 1949! When the naturalized Italian drove a super Human 22.5 Hour total! Spelled only briefly by the evocative Ferrari 166MM Barachetta’s owner and co-driver Peter Mitchell-Thompson.


As Chinetti also established N.A.R.T., known as North American Racing Team in 1958. Going onto win the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1965 with the controversial Ferrari 250LM prototype.


Accroding to the Daily Mail, Alberto Ascari wore light Blue shirts and Hat during His two Formula 1 World Championships for Ferrari during 1952-53. While John surtees, Chris Amon, Lorenzo Bandini and Ludovico Scarfiotti all wore light blue Overalls during the 1960’s.


Niki Lauda wore light blue overalls for His 1974 debut season at Ferrari, before switching to rosso for the ’75 F1 campaign. While teammate Clay Regazoni wore Dark Blue the same season


Most famously, John Surtees won the 1964 Formula 1 World Championship driving a blue and white Ferrari 158. As reportedly Il Commendatore, nee Enzo Ferrari was so outraged that the FIA wouldn’t recognize His Ferrari 250LM prototype for Homologation, He threatened to never race in Rossa corsa again!


Thus Surtees and teammate Bandini Ferrari’s ran the final two rounds of the ’64 championship in the blue and white national colours of the United States under the N.A.R.T. paint scheme at Watkins Glen and Mexico city.


While Ferrari ran a special “One-off” Red and White paint scheme in Honour of those glorious 1970 Championship winning racecars of Lauda and Jody Scheckter, during the inaugural modern day Las Vegas Grand Prix last November.


As the Ferrari SF24 and it’s drivers will be adorned in Astro la planta And Astra Dino, with the first being the light blue hue. Whilst the latter dark blue hue’s name pays homage to Enzo Ferrari’s son known as Dino.


Yet Scuderia Ferrari has also seen multiple F1 chassis race in solid yellow. Including when the privateer Equipe Nationale Belgium entry of Olivier Gendebien appropriately finished fourth at the 1961 Belgian Grand Prix.


As Scuderia Ferrari claimed a 1-2-3-4 sweep. With Factory drivers Phill Hill winning. Wolfgang von Trips second and Richie Gintherthird ahead of Gendebine. Which I believe is the only time an F1 Constructor has swept the first four finishing positions…


But when I think of Hewlett Packard and Formula 1, I immediately Flash back to those early 2000’s superb Williams BMW racecars with Juan Pablo Montoya and Ralf Schumacher at their keyboards…


And speaking of Williams, I hope that former Team Willy’ and current Red Bull Designer supreme Adrian Newey goes to Ferrari next year!


Naturally, after I’d initially finished scribbling these thoughts. On May 1st no less, for which Y’all should know the significance of the date regarding Formula 1 History. Making it somewhat odd, since that’s arguably Newey’s and Williams Darkest Day. When Ayrton Senna died driving His Williams FW16 Renault V-10 racecar.


As Y’all may enjoy this video upon the history of Imola, which you can watch below…


Red bull announced that Adrian Newey would indeed leave the team in the first Quarter of 2025 and spend His remainng time at Milton Keynes finishing the RB17 Track Car.


Apparently this means that Newey, now 65 cannot start His next F1 Engineering assignment until 2026? Although next year’s F1 chassis will be a bit of lame Ducks due to the impending, massive rules change for the 2026 F1 season.


Meanwhile, Newey’s possible future employer disappointed by only adding splashes of two different blue hues to it’s Rosso corsa racecar at Miami. Although both drivers Overalls at least were blue…