Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Maverick returns to the Top of the Mountain

Even if it was only briefly. As You’ve come a long way from riding for Paris Hilton!


Yeah, I know Y’all are looking for some riveting Dribble’ over what I playfully call the Guns ‘N Roses Indy GP. Or has practice begun for some ‘lil ‘Ol Oval race? But if you’re a frequent visitor to No Fenders, then Y’all know that’s not the way I roll…


Having already droned on about how disappointing TNT Sports handling of this year’s Circuit Of The Americas MotoGP race was, I waited unpatiently until the following evening, Urgh!


Funny what tricks our ears play upon us, eh? As I thought I’d mucked up by listening briefly to The Guardian’s Sports section Sunday evening and heard who won the MotoGP race in Austin. Since I knew better! Yet The Guardian via Reuters uses lots of Spanish “Floranets” in their spelling. So I thought I’d “accidently” heard that Jorge Martin had won.


But I decided since I pay so Friggin’ mucho for Cable TV, even though the replay was during dinner-time. I’d “watch” the Encore presentation Monday night anyways.


Thus I sat Thar with both sets ‘O fingers crossed with three and-a-half laps remaining during the litany ‘O commercials – Hoping that Maverick Top Gun’ Vinales would hang on to win His first race since 2021. Thinking All the while Oh No, don’t tell me He’s going to throw another win away?


Yet Vinales who started from Pole before dropping to P11 on lap-1 was victorious! Becoming MotoGP’s first modern-day rider to win a Grands Prix for three different manufacturers! Although the Pundits claimed that Maverick was only the third rider in the premiere road racing Motorcycle series history to ever do so!


Vinales claimed His maiden MotoGP victory for the factory Suzuki team at the 2016 British Grand Prix, before moving onto Yamaha. Where He replaced departing Jorge Lorenzo for 2017.


Maverick’s maiden season with Yamaha ultimately was His best. Winning upon debut at Qatar. Then winning at Argentina and Le Mans and ultimately finishing third overall. As Maverick would claim eight W’s at Yamaha before immediate dismissal in the summer of 2021.


Thus it was Maverick now sporting a Batman image on the back of His Helmet and donning a cape who came back from the ultra lows of deliberately trying to Blow-up His Yamaha MotoGP race bike in Austria, the most bizarre thing I’ve heard of, being Fired immediately! To redemption by sweeping the Austin weekend. Claiming Pole position and winning both Saturday’s Sprint race, which I watched live. And then the main Sunday race to Boot, both for Aprilia! With Maverick notching His tenth MotoGP victory.


As I’ll leave out All of the twists ‘n turns during the race, since there were several different leaders before Maverick took control! And I simply don’t feel inclined trying to type All of the ensuing Madness…


Case in point. I noticed that seven of the top-10 riders on Friday were aboard Ducati’s, with only the two Factory Werks’ Aprilia riders and rookie KTM phenomm Pedro Acosta breaking the Duc’s stranglehold.


Following enjoying Maverick’s podium celebration, during another commercial break I found myself trying to think of whom the other two riders were, I nailed “Steady Eddie” Lawson and Randy Mamola by accident when trying to guess what the third Make Lawson had won on? As Mamola and Moto Guzzi came to mind…


According to Fox Sports Australia reporter Michael Lamonato, the answer is actually four previous riders. As how could I overlook Mike “the Bike” Hailwood, who naturally was the first to ever do so. Followed by Mamola, Lawson and the other rider I’d never have guessed Lorris Capirossi, especially  since I don’t know anything about this Italian rider. As All four did so during earlier Grands Prix eras…


But this is why I follow MotoGP, which is a Helluva more interesting than Formula 1 is! Even if I have to spend copious amounts ‘O time trying to figure out when the next MotoGP TV Broadcast will Air, Buggers!


Salute Maverick