Thursday, January 3, 2019

Another Schuey Day Celebration, The Red No. 5 edition as Michael Quietly Turns 50

Long ago photograph of a jubilant Michael Schumacher during the Ferrari glory days. (The Tomaso Collection)
But will Michael even know what's going on? Or will he simply spend another day Asleep at The Wheel?

I find that each year that passes with Herr Schumacher in his current Catatonic State, I feel a wider range 'O emotions regarding this, especially since I typically do not even think about him for great stretches of each year...

As what a Horrible way to spend five years of your life! Trapped inside a Shell, but not being able to speak, walk or go to the bathroom unaided, presumably... Not to mention feeding yourself, standing unaided or getting dressed!

Hence, All of this Michael Schumacher conjecture over his current status tends to make me think of 'Ol Willie Nelson's remake of a Classic song 'bout Just Droppin' in to See What Condition your Condition's in?

What's funny to Mwah was All the Hubbub surrounding thou Golden Child, nee Lewis Hamilton tying Michael's ascension to five Formula 1 World Championships last year, when ironically it was the 15th Anniversary of Michael making History by scoring his unparalleled sixth F1 World Championship!

For which in some symbiotic, karmic way 'O synchronicity, I just so happened to be at Suzuka when he clinched the record that day Wayback on October 12, 2003. Finishing an unremarkable eighth to break Juan Manuel Fangio's record of five F1 World Championships held since 1957.

And I still to this day, do not truly understand why I was so enamoured by Michael. Who's the only racing driver I've ever been so smitten with to wish to visit his Hometown and museum, not to mention attending both Home Races at the legendous' Nurburgring during the height 'O Schuey Mania, and then followed several years later at Hockenheim, Ja Volt!

For reasons unknown, I was wildly captivated by Herr Schumacher's Charisma upon his Debut in Formula 1 Wayback in the Autumn of 1991 at the "Mighty Spa" Francorchamps! And became totally Devoted to the German's electrifying Driving performances, for which to this Day, Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen still reminds Mwah of how Crazed I was over Schuey!

As I've just hung up my framed 1992 Camel Benetton Ford Team poster with a fairly fresh face Michael sitting on one wheel of his No. 19 Benetton racecar with the entire team posing behind him, and his team-mate, a Bloke known as Martin BillyBob' Brundle opposite him...

While my diminished affinity for Schuey these days is understandable, especially since his legendess' further shrinks away each season. While I've also been fortunate enough to see thee "four Horsemen," aka Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna, Nigel Mansell and Nelson Piquet in action prior to Michael's arrival in Formula One. Leaving me only modestly impressed with the exploits of Sebastian Vettel & Lewis Hamilton.

As All of those legendary past F1 Drivers have presumably faded into thou History Books for most current day Fans, Eh?

As I believe that F1 Grizzled Journo' Joe Saward's written more than once that nobody in Der Fatherland truly understands what caused thee Schumacher Mystique? And probably never will, but for whatever reason, I was a true Dyed in the Wool Michael Schumacher Fanatic!

And it's funny how I've just had my framed 1997 Melbourne Grand Prix poster brought from Down Under that very year also hung on the wall at my new Tomaso Manor, nee My "bungalow by The Sea." Since even Michael's unbelievable antics of attempting to Turf Off Jacques Villeneuve for the title later that year didn't dissuade me from my total admiration over him.

As I didn't lose respect for Michael until '06, when he Farcically Parked his Ferrari against the wall in Monaco to deny that Smarmy Spaniard Fernando Alonso securing Pole position. Along with a rather NASTY Squeeze Job on ex-team-mate Rubino' against the Pit Wall at a rather high rate 'O speed!

And although the very first year I tried seeing Michael in the Flesh Trackside was a Bust, being the year he broke his leg before departing for Italy. Hey, Formula 1 didn't appear to be coming Stateside anytime soon then, having waited eight years and what better place to see Schuey than at Monza, Righto?

But instead, it would be Mary Ellen offering to drive me to Indianapolis for the '01 USGP instead for my first peek at Michael  No less! And Nah, NO Danica Patrick Peaking Jokes here; Hya!

In another note of Ye Synchronicity, it wouldn't be until my seventh Grands Prix that I'd witness Michael win the race, for which if Yuhs know anythingy' about Michael, than you'll know how  he was apparently superstitious over his racecar numbers, and definitely preferred odd numbers, including running No. 7.

Yet probably today my best memory, of many regarding Michael, as Bloody Hell! I've been to Italy, Germany, Japan and Indianapolis to S-E-E Him Race! Would have to be the final time I witnessed him live at Mother Speedway in '06, when I thoroughly enjoyed doing my Schuey impersonation of waving  thou invisible Baton during the Italian National Anthem, after Michael's magnificent victory that overly H-O-T July day!

Alas, as I seem to say each 'N every year, I get the need for the Family's privacy, but; having contributed greatly to Michael's wealth, as I'm still surrounded by my vast cache 'O multiple Diecasts, pictures, trinkets, T-Shirts, hats et Al from thee Michael Schumacher Collection. And still somewhat a Fan of His.

Does this mean we should at least be given a brief glimpse at our Fallen Hero? Or at the very least a current photograph of him confirming he's still semi-awake? Or was I just a Fool for helping make Michael the Sport's first Billionaire F1 Driver? Which is now helping pay for his son Mick's fledgling Single seater career...

Happy 50th Birthday, Michael

(Schuey paraphernalia from The Tomaso Collection)