Friday, January 18, 2019

Alex Zanardi ready to Rock 'N Roll in this year's Rolex 24

The 'legendous 'Z, aka 'El Zorro, nee Alex Zanardi Chills'  with Tomaso at Mother Speedway on Carb Day, 2013. (The Tomaso Collection)
As the news is so old now, it seems like an eternity ago...

Nearly a year ago, I reported here on No Fenders that the man I fondly call El Zorro', aka Alex Zanardi would be contesting this year's Rolex 24 aboard a modified BMW racecar.

As surely, Hey Don't Call Me Shirley; Oh Never Mind! As it's really hard to believe that it's nearly six years now since I had the Awesome Privilege of briefly meeting ALEX at Mother Speedway on Carb Day, 2013, which I penned the following blurb upon No Fenders...

Celebrity Hobbsnobbing at IMS
This undoubtedly is the highlight of my year so far, as a very surprised, but ecstatic Tomaso unexpectedly got to "Meet 'N Greet" thee 'legendous Alex Zanardi on Carb Day at Mother Speedway during the latter stages of the Pit Stop contest... As I was simply FLOORED when he politely walked over to me, smiled broadly and shook my hand as 'CARPETZ had to YELL at me to look at the camera; Aye Karumba! One of thee  COOLEST 'KATZ I've ever met, or as Randy thy Moniker King would say: 'BITCHIN!

as unawares' that Alex made his Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters Debut for BMW last year, appropriately at home in Missano, Italy as a Wildcard entry, for which I've zero clue on how his outing went?

Whilst it's not surprising that when presented the opportunity to choose upon competing at Le Mans or Daytona, the Affable 52yr old Italiano emphatically chose Daytona.

Yet unlike past racing endeavours, where Zanardi uses his prosthetic legs to manually brake said vehicle, this year's BMW M8GTE Coupe is running two separate, tandem driving systems, enabling Alex to effectively race without his legs! Although I'm highly curious how he'll manage the requisite Pit stops? Even though Zanardi claims he'll be quicker than his team-mates.

As apparently these Pit Stop changes are on everyone's minds? Since Wallah! Thars' a Video Clip upon the very same thing...

As Zanardi's Co-drivers will utilize the M8's normal controls, whilst Alex will utilize a specially designed steering wheel allowing him to not only accelerate and shift gears, but brake the car, all with his massive arm strength - Honed from years of relying on his upper extremities...

As Y'all can check out Alex narrating a lap around Daytona's 3.56 mile road course below, while I'll be rootin' for the #24 to Kick ARSE in this year's Rolex 24!

Salute Alex!

(Photo c/o No Fenders ‘Offical Photographer CARPETS')