Tuesday, January 8, 2019

AWARDS: Third Annual EuroNifStar trophy winner, Another Missing volume - The Sequel

Ahem, does anybody still remember the year 2016? And what took me so Bloody' long, eh?

Otay, I've got an idea that Nobody gives a Flying Uhm, Err
Tinkers Damn 'bout my eclectic ramblings here in Nofendersville. But since I started this tradition in earnest Wayback in Twenty-twelve, I feel compelled to carry on by publishing these semi-yearly. Which means Y'all haven't read my very unscientific choices for the past two Bloody years, Uhm, now three - For those lads on the other side of thou puddle.

As I last left Y'all Spellbound with thou 2015 EuroNifStar's selection being a pretty good choice, Eh!

2016 winner
Tom Dillman, Age: 29
Born: April 6, 1989
Birthplace: Mulhouse, France

2016 Results
Winner: Formula 3.5 V-8 Series Champion

2010 German Formula 3, 2016 Formula 3.5 V-8 Series

Tom Dillman isn't exactly a Household name, and wasn't exactly known to Mwah before what garnered him this Dubious Honour upon No Fenders was his unexpected snatching of the Formula 3.5 V-8 Series Crown from Jean-luc Haviar; Err, Uhm I meant Louis Del├ętraz, whom I always Cornfuze' with his father Jean-Dennis, a former Formula 1 Pilote.

As Deletraz Jnr was leading the title fight by six markers before the final race, and leading from Pole, dropped backwards like a stone and ultimately finished fourth, with Dillman taking the win with a fine Undercut move and a succession of Fastest laps afterwards.

Like his Swiss racing nemesis, Dillman began his motorsports activities how most European lads begin, racing Go Karts beginning at age 10, taking a variety 'O Karting titles en route to a long, winding succession up thee proverbial Single Seaters ladder in various Junior series.

For two seasons between 2007-08 he toiled in the Formula 3 Euroseries as a Red Bull Junior member before Der Helmut' (Marco) tossed him out with that year's lukewarm Bath water...

And after sitting out the first portion of 2009, Tom triumphantly won the Twenty-ten' Formel 3 series in Der Fatherland; Ja-Ja! With six victories.

Next he ran the stepping stone series to Formula 1, with stints in GP3 and GP2 before moving onto Formula 3.5 V-8 in 2015, before winning the title in 2016.

As Dillman's main hurdle during his long, winding Single Seater career seems to be a tendency of lacking Financial backing, a la the opposite of Louis Deletraz, who boasts a longtime Sponsor, enabling the Swiss driver to remain in FIA Formula 2 and even test a Formula 1 car  at this year's Post Abu Dhabi GP outing.

As Dillman's been forced to settle for a career in Formula E, first making sporadic appearances before landing a Fulltime ride with China's NIO Squad for the 2018-19 campaign. Whilst apparently he's cash-strapped since he doesn't even have an Official Website I could find...

2016: Tom Dillmann
2015: Alexander Rossi
2014: Dean Stoneman