Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Other Bowtie' Racers to Admire at Daytona

Boy, those Spotlights upon the No. 10 Caddy are really Bright!

Began thinking about this riveting No Fenders post after attempting to watch a very waterlogged, anemic TV Broadcast of the World Endurance Championship's six Hours of Shanghai last November on the Velocity Channel.

As thou Bowties', nee Chevrolet's Second Stringers; Err 2nd Tier Corvette C7R was making its debut in China, Splish Splashin' away with its thunderin' small block V-8. The same engine used in its Big Bro' Caddy Dpi's?

Although the new first ever mid-engine Corvette C8 is set to debut soon, Corvette will stick with its tried 'N true C7R Vettes for another year...

Yet All Eyes will be upon the B-I-G BOYZ' Cadillac Daytona Prototype International (DPi) ranks instead, most specifically the Wayne Taylor Racing's (WTR) No. 10 which features some Smarmy Spaniard named Fernando at its controls, Ci!

As Fred Alonso will attempt claiming his first Rolex winner's wrist piece with the team's regular Full-season HotSchues' and another ex-Formula 1 Pilote' known fondly here in Nofendersville simply as "K-Squared."

But WTR's fiercest rival is the Action Express Racing (AXR) squad, which leads the GM intra-rival scrum 2-1, as it's No. 5 Mustang Sally; Err Sampling  Cadd 'Oh-lac' is the defending Overall winner, leading home it's Seester' #31 Whelen Engineering in an AXR 1-2 Sweep!

As I say AXR leads 2-1 since five years ago, it was victorious with its Corvette DP racecar, whilst some Dude known as Jeffery "Pretty Boy" Gordon was the Cat's pajamas on Wayne Taylor Racing's 2017 winning Cadillac entry.

Meanwhile JDC-Miller Motorsports has joined the Caddy fold with a two car entry that features Rubino', nee Rubens Barrichello as part of its eight Drivers strong line-up. Whilst IndyCar Newbies Juncos Racing have entered Sports Car racing with a Cadillac of their very own this year, and will make Thar Rolex 24 Debut shortly...