Thursday, May 25, 2017

Trading Seats, Who'll Come Out on Top?

Jenson Button, the 2009 world champion, who will replace Fernando Alonso at McLaren this weekend in Monaco, had some fun with his ex-team-mate Fernando prior to the Spaniard running on an Oval for the first time ever at Indianapolis May 3rd.

Jenson Button
:Fernando, it's your replacement, here, 'Remember me? I used to be your team-mate. 'I have just seen a picture of your car which looks awesome. Good luck and stay safe. I will keep your seat warm in Monaco and get lots of juicy points for when you return, and make you jealous you did not race."

Ironically, Fernando and Jenson's paths have crossed more than once. As we know, Alonso won both of his F1 titles for le Reggie', nee Renault over a decade ago, who bought out Benetton circa 2000.

As the driver I've been calling Fredrico Suave for years now made his Formula 1 debut for Minardi in 2001, while Button switched from Team Willy', (Williams F1) to Benetton for his sophomore season, where Fernando's manager "HMS Monogram," aka "flavour Flav," nee Flavio Briatore was at the helm.

Renault ran their new Formula 1 team a final year under the Benetton moniker in 2001 before switching over to fully branded Renault Works status in 2002, where Alonso spent the year as the team's test driver.

For '03, "Playboy" JENSE' was dropped in favour of Alonso, while Button landed at BAR Honda F1, with Alonso scoring his maiden Grands Prix victory that season at Budapest, becoming then the youngest ever Grands Prix winner before his Ferrari Protégé 'lil Sid Viddle surpassed him, then Ditto to Vettel upon Max Dutchboy' Verstappens' shock victory last year!

Meanwhile button would have to wait a further three years before finally "Breaking his Duck" at the Hunga-boring Ring, at the '06 Hungarian Grand Prix, ironically the site of both driver's maiden F1 wins.

The pair obviously have battled each other ever since, albeit becoming team-mates in 2015, when the mighty Japanese Auto Giant Honda returned to Formula 1 with wide eyed aspirations of returning to their former Glory Days with the Woking outfit and their old Task-master Ron Dennis.

Unfortunately, 2015 was an ugly season and apparently a harvenger 'O thingys' to come, i.e.; 2017's abysmal season so  far! As the team finished ninth overall on 27 points, with bloody Jense' outscoring Fernando 16-11, with the McLaren Honda duo finishing P16-17 in the Driver's points standings respectively.

Apparently 2015 was an anomaly, since for the very first time in Alonso's career, a team-mate had outscored him, as Fredrico returned to form by finishing tenth overall with 54 points vs. Button's 21 netting the Brit P15 last year. Whilst I didn't expect Alonso or his new team-mate Stoffel Vandoorne to crack McLaren's point drought at Fernando's home race in Barcelona, with the pair currently knotted Nil-Nil', aka 0-0.

As isn't It Ironic that ARSE-Sumedly the two teams that will still be sporting Goose Eggs prior to Monaco will be engine; Err PU partners next year! i.e.; McLaren and Sauber.

Whale', at least that was my prediction before Pascal Wehrlein finished an amazing seventh place at Barcelona, vaulting Sauber ahead of McLaren, now the only F1 constructor to failed scoring any points...

As Alonso's guaranteed to score his first points of the year this Sunday at Mother Speedway, since I believe points are awarded to everyone who finishes the race?

SHIT! It's Double Bonus points, right? Not to mention that OVER Inflated Qualie points handout for the Fast 9 & Co. Like won't it have been amazing if Alonso cracked the Top-9 Shootout...

And Y'all can check out my current IndyCar villain's totally astute assessment of the current Formula 1 situation, where Helious' emphasizes how Fernando didn't just simply forget how to Drive! In his typical witty, entertaining and Uhm, Tap-Tap-Tap, Oh Yeah, energetic interview with the Speed Freaks...