Monday, May 22, 2017

Hunter-Reay Wins again!

As Thy late Awntie' Harriet would emphatically say Good For You Ryan! Especially for stickin' I-T to them Big Boyz...

Yep, know we're NOT supposed to be lookin' over Thar', as it's supposed to be all sunshiny at Mother Speedway right now, especially since we've just witnessed another riveting Fast-9 Shootout! As I'll expound upon this later, but Hurrah for Ryan Hunter-Reay, aka The Dude! For stickin' to his guns and rightfully taking Paul MEATHEADZ' Gentilozzi down a peg!

As I've previously published my thoughts upon the unscrupulous Mr. Gentilozzi, for which I just hope that Sage Karam & Jack Hawksworth have iron clad contracts!

Since the long, but interesting article above seemed to only leave out one important fact; that Hunter-Reay initially sued Gentilozzi for breaking his contract, which  Gentilozzi refused to resolve for twelve years ; which Racer's Marshall Pruett astutely pointed out how much the unwise solicitation of Michael McDowell's $150k cost him!