Tuesday, May 2, 2017

NBCSN Nets Two Minute Penalty for Checking!

In the word of the immortal Buford T. Justice: Son 'O a Bitch!

Really not sure who's giving who the Finger here, but I've just got two words for the powers-to-be at comca$t'


Seriously! As I almost swallowed my tongue when re-checking the Russian Grand Prix Stateside Telie' rebroadcast time, which about an hour out was Hacked a  further 30mins; WTF!

As the JACKARSES at NBC got out Thar Ginzu knifes and sliced, diced; Err Bludgeoned the replay of the Formula 1 race, and there weren't even any SFUCKING live Hockey on; NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! It was some snazzy Highlights package FUCK!

I mean it's bad enough when the post race interview gets slightly chopped, but seriously! A debutant Grands Prix winner and we do NOT even get to hear the Finnish national anthem for the first time in nearly a decade! Nor the Post race podium interviews, or Green room; Bloody Hell!

Although I've since read the fabled "Green Room" session was fairly Awkward with Vladimir droning on 'bout how attendance's up at his race, yes Commissar...

SHIT! We don't even know who the Top-3 finishers were...

As Shame On You NBC Sports Network!

Or were you just simply giving Liberty Media, your competition the Dirty Byrd! Hey, if 'lil Sid Viddle can fly the Angry Byrd on TV, then certainly I can do likewise here in Nofendersville!

Especially if Formula One Management's so FUCKINGLY STUPID to Block access to the Youtube video link I originally posted, since I didn't get to see the interview because NHL Live, which AIN'T Live, just a STUPID Highlights Show was more important...


Actually think NBC Sports Network deserves a 5min Major Penalty! Especially for the exorbitant amount I pay monthly solely to watch; Err listen to Formula 1 & IndyCar!

As I'm still Cornfuzed how Leigh Diffey got from Sochi in time to be prattlin' on 'bout Premiership Rugby that afternoon when I suffered thru the last ten minutes plus of the Globster Lobsters' awaiting the Russian Grand Prix replay at a civilized time...

And to think, we're gonna have 21 Super Bowls where NOBODY gets to see the winners! Like how's that gonna work out Chevy Chase for invigorating those so desperately wanted "Casual Viewers!" Huh? I thought I was watching a Formula 1 race, but who won...

As Congratulations to my Numero Uno F1 Driver Valtteri Bottas, as Yuhs definitely earned that one, Son!    

While it's a SAD Day indeed, when you have to rely upon foreign Newspapers to get any meaningful insight upon the pinnacle 'O motor racing! Which fortunately I'm privy to via my NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service...

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