Sunday, May 28, 2017

INDY 500: Mother Speedway upon Thy Mind...

Hildebrand’s Pit Crew standing on wall cheering as J.R. takes the white flag while leading the 2011 Indianapolis 500. (The Tomaso Collection)

With A-L-L of thou Attenzione focused upon Fernando Coming to America... My Mind began ponderin' the superfluous, before Alonso passed his rookie audition; As in when did the Monaco Grand Prix begin being held on Memorial Day weekend - in order to G-O Head-2-Head with Indy Cars premiere event?

Hence, a very perfunctory examination of this led to my discovering that the first Monaco Grand Prix held on Memorial Day weekend appears to be the 1976 event; formally known as the XXXIV Grand Prix de Monaco. When Formula 1's crown Jewell was being run in thou Principality, nee Monte Carlo on May 30th.

Ironically, on that very same day on this side of thou Puddle, none other than Johnny Rutherford was winning his second Indy 500 aboard the Works McLaren.

Fast forwarding back to the present, after having thoroughly enjoyed watching my first truly "live stream" of Fernando's Rookie Orientation via, 'Ol R's, nee IndyCar Curmudgeon Robin Miller's Hilarious article below totally got me in the mood, albeit his questions sounded quite different with Lone Star JR' and SuperMario' actually in the booth...

Alas, although I'm somewhat regrettably not attending this year's Indy 500, along with being teased 'bout thou "Other Florence" Oregon's TV Coverage being Blacked Out, a la Indianapolis; Hya!

Pretty sure the Stanley Cup's on another network, and that ABC will actually be showing the race in its entirety along with the winner's interview; ahem Peacock-lite, nee NBC Sports Network; Catch my drift!

Now I'll be scurrying to find a Telie' somewhers' upon Thee Oregonian Trail as we make our ways' Northwards from those Majestic Redwoods!

As hopefully I'm not that Hermit racing towards the light... Especially since that Sun's way too Damn Bright!

"From the White Sands
To the Canyonlands
To the redwood stands
To the Barren Lands"

VIDEO: Ghost Rider

Without ramblin' on too long, I've seen Mother Speedway from both sides of the fence, having been, and most likely a Wee Bitomyte' of Mwah always will be a devout CART loyalist, which is how I grew-up Open Wheel Racing-wise.

That said, I've had a wonderful relationship with Mother Speedway and the Month of May beginning in Twenty-oh-Nine, in large part to my Hosts Extraordinaire at Carpets Manor! As what I enjoy most about the Indy 500 is the fact that truly anybody can win on that given Sunday each May.

Yet in TK' Follow-Your-Schnoz! Kanaan's excellent video with his "Nutritionist" Robin Miller; Hya! The theme that's been expounded on afterwards, as Simon Pagenaud just won his very first Oval race, after being 0-for-28 being the Stat thrown out by IndyStar's Jim Ayello I believe. The Brickyard's most analyzed rookie will most likely be fighting an uphill battle.

And here's another typical laid back Indiana interview Miller did upon Fernando's arrival to Americre' at thou Barbers', as Nando' may be too busy dining with Miller & TK' at the Mug 'N bun right now...

As I've rooted for countless drivers over the years, as far back as 'Ol Hollywood's (Danny Sullivan) improvable Spin 'N win, wanting anybody but Mario Andretti to win!

Yet what tends to annoy me most these days, is anybody simply picking the best driver to win, which certainly doesn't take any talent to deduce that; Hence although they were my number two & three favourite driver's, i.e.; Will Power and Simon Pagenaud respectively, I just don't get any thrill outta El Capitano' (Roger Penske) winning another Borg Warner. And Ditto for thouCheepster', aka Chip Ganassi, albeit I'm good with either Scott Dixon or Tony Kanaan winning, especially the latter.

Alas, probably having something to do with my current station in life, I find myself rooting more 'N more for thee 'lil guys instead of the B-I-G 3', nee Penske, Ganassi and Andretti.

And although I don't think my current No. 1 IndyCar Driver will be victorious, as Conor Daly's going thru his own steep learning phase from transitioning from the Hondre' package last year, nonetheless his A.J. Foyt Enterprises team-mate Carlos Munoz has a stellar record at the Speedway, so watch out Team Penske!

My current second favourite's thee "Mad Russian," nee Mikhail Aleshin, albeit he seems to be pushing himself really hard this year, as still not quite sure what happened at Phoenix? Whilst obviously his team leader Hinch', aka James Hinchcliffe would be a very popular winner.

But choosing one Bowtie (Chevrolet) and Honda competitor apiece I'd like most to see; Err well, read about if we don't make it to Florence "Justin-time" for me to sit on the couch? We're Here...

As I still believe I saw his wounded racecar showering sparks down the front straight six years ago, I'd be thrilled if whom I think the original Captain America? Nee Jr. Hildebrand steal Team Chevy; Err Penske's Thunder! As guessin' he can drink the milk with his good hand, eh?

On the Honda side, the selection's a 'lil harder for Mwah, as it'd be awesome to see Takuma Sato finally seal the deal and upstage his Andretti team-mates, since after all: No Attack, No Chance! As he's probably got the better shot over my pick, none other than Oriol "suitcase" Servia, as it'd be funny having the other Spaniard in victory lane, Ci!

And for Rookie Of the Year (ROY) I'm quite smitten with Zachery "Moose" Veach, who hopefully will land a fulltime IndyCar ride in the near future.

As those are my sentimental picks this year...

Yet obviously Fernando will be gunning for him, along with Andretti Auto sport's other rookie Jack Harvey, while Dale Coyne's Ed Jones will probably be completely forgotten in the ROY battle?

Yet as 'Ol 'R sez; Hate is Good! An thus, although he doesn't bother me nearly as much anymore, I still just want ANYBODY besides HULIO' (Castroneves) to win the bloody race!