Thursday, May 11, 2017

AUTOS: Teardrop Talbot Lago on Auction Runway

Whale', the Karmic Whip has been hitting me quite a bit lately, as I continue swimming in Synchronicity...

This Car and Driver magazine article caught my Attenzione for several reasons. First since I know that Talbot Lago's once briefly ruled the Grand Prix scene.

Symbiotically, the story mentions the famed Luigi Chinetti, who I'd just learned prior had been the catalyst for Alfonso de Portago's motor racing exploits. With Luigi inviting him to not only purchase one of Enzo's Ferrari's, but be his co-driver for the 1953 Carrera Pan Americana.

Then even funnier yet, Karmically, what Seeing Eye Guide Dog Guy Claudio', my Austin Sherpa has been saying for years, but I've never read in print anywheres' before. The author noted how Chinetti's Talbot Lago at Le Mans took the "Dirt Nap;" Aye Karumba!

Naturally, Synchronicity abounds! Now having stumbled into the facts that Talbot's began running at Mother Speedway in 1921, and that Dario Resta was one of their prized drivers...