Monday, May 15, 2017

R100: Another Tradition continues...

The iconic Marmon Wasp, the 1911 Indianapolis 500 winner being driven around track by Parnelli Jones during Pre-race festivities. a century later. (The Tomaso Collection)
In what's become a yearly tradition for Mwah, my mostest Host Carpets' once again took me to Thy glorious IMS Hall of Fame museum on Monday, the day after the B-I-G' race, ergo thou Magnanimous 100th running; which has become our ritual to wind-down the Indy 500 weekend. Having chronicled 2015's visit previously.


Once again, Dave, as Dave was definitely Thar', in deference to that 'Ol Cheech 'N Chong routine; Hooah! To once again take me to the Speedway's wondrous 'lil racecar museo', personally escort Mwah and give a very enjoyable running dialogue of what I was looking at.

Stepping inside the museum's front doors Dave noted how both sides of the Gift Shop were crammed Wall-to-Wall with frenzied shoppers! ARSE-Sumedly busy snatchin' up 100th running commemorative items.

And once again the friendly lady at the desk cheerfully told me my admission was FREE - due to being blind. But even better yet, without any prompting and totally by her own volition. She politely inquired if I'd like to touch & feel some of the museum's racing cars? Uh Duh Lady!

Thus we casually hung out awaiting a museum employee's presence, who'd be our personal guide - for which I've always wanted to do, but has never seemed to quite work out before.

A nice man named Bernie arrived shortly after, and NO! Even though I mused to Thyself how I could easily remember his name by just thinking of good 'Ol Smarmy Uncle Bernaughty! Aka Mr. Bernard Charles Ecclestone, Me Thinks he was busy wining & dining a much more affluent sector 'O society in Thy Principality instead; but I digress...

Bernie apologetically told us that there would only be three cars available today, as the fourth, which would have been ultra Cool! As I still  imagine feeling the Ghosts  of Ray Harroun, Parnelli Jones and B-I-G' AL (Unser_ along with all of the others having the pleasure of spinning its wheels over the century wasn't available Monday since it was off to New York along with some 'Ol Mug for the Today Show!

Yep, I'm talking about the inaugural winning 1911 International Sweepstakes racecar, the Marmon Wasp, which usually holds station upon a pedestal at the entrance of the Hall of Fame museum.

Whilst thee Mug in Questione would naturally be the Borg Warner trophy! Which funny enough was pushed past us later during our museo' visit by two men on presumably a custom made dolly, as believe it was 'Ol Curty' Cavin, then still working for the Indianapolis Star... Having previously noted it now weighs some 150lbs due to all of the additions made over the years.

As Y'all know, shockingly, Curt Cavin left the Indianapolis Star to become Indy Cars VP of Communications last October, and has subsequently been replaced by Jim Ayello...

Even funnier yet were some other museo patrons proclaiming to us there's nothing like the Stanley Cup! For which they seemed genuine 'bout, apparently being Hockey fans, Eh!

Funny how the Stanley Cup finals seems to clash; Err crash into the Boards whilst Thar' trying to hold some 'lil 'Ol 500-miler motor race, Eh?

Yet low and behold, I did get to put my mitts, albeit very lightly please... Upon three racing cars in the Museo's vast collection.

While I also got to touch a variety of "Flinstone" rubber, aka Firestone tyres from the different racing eras - beginning with the skinny rubber used Wayback in the 1910's thru today's modern compounds.

Having evolved from groove treded hard rubber complete with wear tab indicators to today's de riggour slicks, which (Ed Carpenter) FAST EDDIE' & Co. had just put thru their respective paces recently alongside the museum.

To continue reading, and find out which three of the Museum's vintage racecars your Blind Word Butcher got to put his Mitts upon, see; R100: Touching Three Awesome Racecars!