Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Tomaso Files: Doggies, Dunes, Dungeness 'N the "Other" Florence - Where a Good Time was had by All - Honest, Campers!

Picture taken from top of Sand Dunes at one of Florence, Oregon's countless Beaches where we sat in the sand for the afternoon at the ocean. (The Tomaso Collection)
And if Y'all still haven't fallen asleep from over-indulging in Turkey, Pumpkin Pie or TOO MUCH DAMN FOOTBALL on thy Telie! Then by A-L-L means, you'll wanna read the riveting conclusion of this epic travel story, right?

Otherwise, Y'all either feel free to peruse the cavernous No Fenders Archives for the recently posted Rods 'N Rhodies Car Show recap earlier this November, or please come back soon when No Fenders returns to some racing related fodder shortly, Yuhs Hear...

A Few More Florence Travel Notes to GO!
Having driven thru Tillamook the next day, once again it was Mary Ellen's favourite time, when your humble No Fenders scribe Tomaso chimes out "Feed Me!"  To which Mary Ellen made a wonderful choice in Rockaway Beach, (Oregon) where she spied a lone "Taco Wagon" (truck) strategically positioned nearby the State Park entrance, where she rustled Mwah up some Burritos Linda's Ci-ci? From the Tacos Providencia food vendor, Who's Beautiful Burrito was quite tasty; as naturally, I had the chicken  since the sauce wasn't blue; Hooah!

As I ate my Mondo'  lunch on a picnic table at Manhattan Beach State Park, the very same place we'd met the super nice Park Host lady on our way south, who'd offered us camping recommendations...

Mary Ellen spied them again and went off for a Chin-wag' (chat) telling the woman's husband; you said she's a liar; but! I know one thingy she's not lying about, having promised to love 'N cherish you through thick 'N thin!

To which the husband dryly shot back: NO! To Honour & Obey! And she hasn't been doing much of that for a long  time now... As they turned out to be somewheres' in their  80's? Having told Mary Ellen they'd been married for 62yrs; Aye Karumba!

Oh? And how can Yuhs forget 'bout Oswald West Mary Ellen exclaimed when taking notes for this  riveting racing story of mine's; Hya! As this was our featured  destination of the day, which came after lunch.

This is by far one of my favourite haunts  along the Pacific Coast, which this time  only featured 'bout 12-15 Surfers opposed to the record  40 Mary Ellen had spotted on a previous visit.

After a very enjoyable time on the beach, where Mary Ellen said RUN! RUN TOMASO RUN! Hur-hur-hur... As the tide was coming in, but not that  far Matey; Hya!

And whilst waiting for my return from the Loo, which I suppose was somewhat Karmic as Panda, who's a girl was waiting outside the Men's bathroom and cheekily told some of the guys exiting she wasn't trying to "Cop-a-Peak," just waiting to SEE  that her blind friend made I-T outta the restroom...

Meanwhile, Mary Ellen was BUSY chatting  up an 'Aussie on Holiday with a custom motorcycle-sidecar, with the sidecar being to his own vision - designed to carry his surf board! As Mary Ellen said he was simply A-L-L SMILES  and loving our coast and its surfing locales! (Even if our waters are cold and require wet suits...) As the side-car was apparently fashioned out of some sort of diamond plating? And was about six-feet long with the surfboard sliding underneath the side-car's FLAT bottom...

Thus, as the sun's rays began dipping I was offered the choice of  the Astoria bridge, nee "Astoria Triangle" or our 'lil Putt-Putt Ferry! Which naturally I chose the latter.

Wishing to confirm we were indeed headed in the correct direction, we pulled into a gas station, where it's still bizarre that somebody else's gots to pump our gas! Which is an Oregon state law.

And as this was taking place, Mary Ellen became enraptured in a conversation with a Good 'Ol Boy who claimed his Dodge Ram DIESEL PickemUp truck had 800,000+ miles on it! Which he'd racked-up from ten years of pulling Arctic Fox trailers up 'N down the I-5 corridor between BC and Oregon, whilst lamenting how BAD the traffic SUCKS in Seattle!

Driving straight down the on-ramp as dusk  enveloped us, onto the 'lil 9-vehicle Wahkiakum County Ferryboat, our most affable fare taker said we were fine, thinking we'd cut it too close, instead, he'd just closed the gates a few minutes early for the once-an-hour sailing...

Then as we departed moments later, he asked if it was ok to give our FURR-rocious lap Hoonds' a Doggie treat? Uh Duh! As Mad Molly didn't even bark, growl or glare at him - whilst thy Pixolator said hurry up Dude! Having never experienced  a ferry worker giving out Doggie treats before! As we awaited our pleasant 15min crossing of the Mighty Columbia! Which unfortunately is one of the most polluted rivers in the world...

Exiting onto  Puget Island once again, Chief Wahkiakum and his Chinook Indians were nowheres' to be found, as it was nightfall after all and they were probably busy picking nuts 'N berries whilst awaiting Lewis and Clark bringing them the turkeys Sacagawea had shown them where to be found...

And having arrived on Puget Island along with stopping at our favourite Cathlamet  grocery store; Home-Sweet-Home, we pulled into our "Top Secret" campground once again, this time to sleep in a Yurt, which I'd never done before! Although these Yurt's are customized, complete with an actual honest-to-goodness regular door, heater, single light-bulb, couch, chair & table and  bunk-bed!

'Whale, on a trivial note; how many of Y'all know about the Sacagawea ("Golden") dollar coin? Since whenever I think 'bout Sacagawea, I immediately Flashback to Portland International Raceway's Oh, so fitting tribute 'Wayback in 'Twenty-oh-Five when celebrating the Lewis & Clark expedition's Bicentennial, when they played a stirring Indian national anthem song in honour of Sacagawea!

Naturally, this sparked my curiosity for what was then an out-of-circulation "Golden" Sacagawea dollar coin, which I picked up at my local bank, while I learned then there were some three million languishing in the nation's vaults due to the public's total disdain for the coin intended to replace the almighty George Washington paper dollar... A la 'KanaDuh's "looney 'N tooney," which I wished the Government had done!

Thus, when searching  for more info on these forlorn "Golden" dollars, albeit primarily made of copper I've learned; I was surprised to discover that a second edition had been cast along with multiple rear versions of these  coins, which makes me ponder what year mine is, as guess I'd better dig I-T out of the memento jar, eh?

And lastly, upon our return to Tacoma, unbeknownst to Mwah, I'd be ridin' Shotgun in 'Claudio's trusty Dodge Caravan, same one we'd driven to Sonoma for the IndyCar race - which I laboriously chronicled in;

Hurrah! It's almost over, as I've previously scribbled 'bout the wackiness to the end of this magnificent Holiday down the Pacific Coast 'N back to the Border, where I was accused of being a PERVERT in;

As that concludes thee "I've Been Everywhere Man!" Deluxe Travel  Notes edition of this Non Racing affair! As I just felt like  scribblin' some more 'bout a very small corner 'O my world when I actually get away from Zed Confuzer 'N Smell some fresh air, or better yet, Salt Air! As the drone of the ocean along with the fog horn's almost gone...

As what more appropriate way to end this Gynormous rant then with a song by those Scottish lads, the Bay City Rollers, eh? While thanxs for letting me scribble profusely 'bout Somme-than' other than motor racing here on thy 'lil No Fenders 'BLOB...


Kudos to Mary Ellen, Panda & Alex for ALL of their invaluable assistance on thy Oregonian Trail!

All Florence Travel Story Photographs courtesy of Panda...