Friday, December 12, 2014

Sorry Greg...

No Fenders "B Team" Boyz Claudio' and Tomaso Schlepping with the McLaren Boyz on Halloween Nite this year in Austin, Texas. (N & C' Photos)
And as typical in life, especially here in Nofendersville, I totally forgot 'bout the late Greg Moore's anniversary this Halloween, which commemorated sadly, the 15th anniversary of his death at Fontana  Raceway during CART's 1999 season finale.

As I was simply purusing's IndyCar section to see what the latest news was on November 6th, after my return from COTA, and stumbled into thee Mayor 'O Hinchtown's most excellante tribute to his Hero, Greg Moore...

But that's not to say that I don't  remember the irrepressible 'KuhNuck, nee Messer Moore, albeit my strongest memory is always his absolutely "CRACKERS" Banzai Dive-bomb move at Portland Int'l Raceway!

Along with casually asking Mad Max Papis at Mother Speedway during Legends Day 2013 if he still wore red gloves? To which I can still hear Massimiliano in his Italiano brogue, saying I will always wear red gloves, as red gloves  RULE!

Yet feel somewhat relieved that I was none other then first at the racetrack on his anniversary and then celebrating downtown in Austin, appropriately having my picture taken multiple times with Formula 1 Show car's, etc on Halloween nite, which seems like the proper way to honour the Kuhnaidiun driver, eh?

As I did commemorate his tenth Anniversary in;

Or Y'all can skip directly to my personal reflections upon a Greg Moore weekend, where Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen took me to many of his past haunts in;

Then again, while Greg Moore's getting A-L-L of the Attenzione here, let's NOT forget just some of the other fallen Open Wheel Racing Drivers, i.e.; Paul Dana, Jeff Krosnoff, Jovy Marcelo, Tony Renna, Gonzalo
Rodriguez, Henry Surtees
and Dan Wheldon, to name just a few...

Not to mention Jules Bianchi who recently was airlifted home to Nice, France to continue recovering from his horrific coma inducing accident at Suzuka...