Monday, December 22, 2014

The First Labrador Snowmobile...

Continuing on with our winter wonderland theme here in Nofendersville; Hey, a-L-L that's missing is my snow globe, right; Hya!

As this was a pretty good story about pulling a lone Model T sitting upside down in the frozen tundra! Like way Up North Eh! As this  Model T has the dubious distinction of being  the first "Horseless Carriage" to appear in Labrador. Not to mention another fact I'd never heard 'bout Model T's before, it was converted into a Snowmobile! While Karmically, an expert from Federal Way, Washington weighs in on the matter, noting how there were kits made for said conversion. Along with the essential "Hot-plate" option in case Y'all get hungry whilst putt-putt-putting over the Snow banks and thru the Ice fields on your way to GrandMaMa's house!