Thursday, December 11, 2014

INDYCAR: Fix Your Bleepin' Schedule!

NOPE! AIN'T expecting NOTHIN" to change here; BUTT! Are you SHITTING me IndyCar? A Freakin' truncated 2015 schedule in thy name of appeasing  thy 'RASSCAR clowns at "Peacock-lite;" Err NBCSN; WTF? Like surely, they're spending nearly $900m per year to Host IndyCarz, right? Oh Never Mind!

As why won't anybody say I-T! You're simply making way for Roundy-round next year with your STUPIDLY short calendar! As there's simply nothing right with beginning in Brazil in early March and finishing at Sonoma at the end of August and then expecting Fans to remember there's some 'lil Open Wheel Racing series crankin' up their engines some 43 months later!

Hmm? Can Y'all feel my frustration with Marcus "I've Got a Plan!" Miles and Starship HC, (Hulman & Co.) over their abomination of the ridiculously short 2015 calendar after only 469 Days OFF-season! And they wonder why NOBODY watches IndyCar; Bueller, Bueller; Anybody Home? Chirp-Chirp... As I'll kindly direct Yuhs towards Geo. Phillip's take on the RIVETING 2015 schedule, since he's quite more civilized 'bout I-T than your frothing No Fenders scribe.

AnyHoo, whilst there are arguably many more pressing matters in Der 'Vurld de Motorsporten; Ja Ja! Here's a few rants I've scribbled this year over Indy Cars HORRIFIC direction change, which I fail to S-E-E how its gonna lead to it ever regaining its perch in the North American landscape, especially if Yuhs think that BASTARDIZED 2hrs Made-for-TV Infomercial's gonna do the trick; BARF!

As couldn't Y'all "Feel duh Heat" that IndyCar brought us this year, right?

And who all liked this year's truncated schedule? Ho-hum, another "Transition Year," right?

And lastly, is there any future to look forward to in Indy Cars? Like really? "Body-by-Mennen" AFX-Aurora Aerokits 'N breaking the Pole record are gonna do the trick? Oh Never Mind!