Friday, December 26, 2014

Happy Tidings...

The Wizard Tomaso and his two trusty lab assistants Mad Molly and thy Pixolator hard at work in Nofendersville. (The Tomaso Collection)
It's that time once again Y'all, to be merry, enjoy family, friends 'N acquaintances  near & abroad... As your hard workin' No Fenders scribe and his two ably bodied assistants wish Y'all  Happy Holidays!

As I'd planned upon posting a slew 'O stories right up 'til the very end of the year but Alas, I'm simply burned out (Due to the ENORMITY 'O STRAIN posting these riveting No Fenders tales 'O mine upon thy P.O.S. platform causes my faltering eyes!, neck & back) and just don't have the time or energy, mostly time to post the remaining grandiose No Fenders yarns... Especially with Holiday events taking precedence Ja Volt, since I should be on my way Up North Eh at any moment!

Hence, like that long defunct black 'n white paper magazine I once subscribed to yearly known as Ontrack, I'm taking a two weeks Winter's Slumber and will return on January 12, 2015.

And as always, Thanxs to all three  of my loyal readers; Hya! Err, a B-I-G' THANK YOU SHOUT OUT to everybody who reads or supports  No Fenders and see Y'all next year...

Salutations, Felice Navidad and Merry Kringle, Y'all!