Monday, June 2, 2014

When Two doesn't fit into One!

Otay, so once again I'm late to thee party with this rant, but isn't it entertaining how the Fireworks are freely flowing at the Mothership Merc' right now! As the Nico Rosberg v Lewis Hamilton war 'o words is A-L-L thee RAGE at the moment, overshadowing the other two B-I-G TEAMS respective Dust-ups.

As its sad that I myself, along with countless others immediately flashed back to 'DER TERMINATOR's, nee Michael Schumacher's tawdry parking of his Ferrari during Monn-ocquoe' qualifying 'Wayback in 'Twenty-oh-six, when he purposely parked; Err crashed his Ferrari on-track in order to prevent rival Fernando Alonso from winning Pole!

As Yuhs might know, I'm partial towards Nico, ever since he entertained thy GURR-REAT! 'Awntie Harriet en route from Indianapolis to Chicago, ironically the very same year of Schuey's contretemps at thee Principality...

Thus, I prefer to believe his innocence in regards to purposely causing a Yellow flag during the waning moments of the Q3 Qualie' session, albeit I did find I-T a tad bit strange that the in-car camera picked him up backing off prior to his mistake, to which ex-Formula 1 ace Johnny Herbert thinks he did so purposely, with Hamilton being up two-tenths to that point, as we'll obviously never know, eh?

Yet, I found it pathetic that thy young "Louise 'JAGUAR" Hamilton came up with another 'Mega excuse for why he lost the race, as he seems to always find someway to blame anything but himself for defeat, which makes me think of another sore loser named Alain Prost! Not to mention thy great Thespian, Bloody 'Nige, aka Nigel Mansel...

And whilst "TWINKIEBOY's" (Seb' Vettel) infamous radio call of "TOUGH LUCK!" When requested to pull-over for junior Red Bull team-mate Daniel "Ricky"  Ricciardo (again) in Malaysia seems just a fleeting memory now, or was it Shanghai?

Nevertheless, cannot say how 'Uber refreshing I find I-T to witness Sebastian (Vettel) getting his ARSE SPANKED by Ricciardo this season!

Meanwhile, the perceived Fireworks expected between "Fredrico Suave" (Fernando Alonso) and "The Iceman" (Kimi Raikkonen) at la Scuderia (Ferrari) have failed to appear overall, albeit it was most entertaining to see Raikkonen best Alonso in Qualie' at Fernando's home race after the Spaniard had just jested how he always beats his team-mates the day prior!

 So, when will the Mercedes Boyz finally take each other out of the lead at a Grand Prix in order to end their "immaculate" season; You make the Call!